Claim Check: A Laser That Melts Inches in 2 Weeks!

T1000 on 15 Jul 2009 at 1:27pm

The Claim: It's a non-surgical laser that will melt fat (like, inches of it!) in 2 weeks.

The Background: On Twitter we saw a post from @myzerona (the twitter handle for Zerona) that a laser could melt fat without surgery.

myzerona tweet on fat loss

The Reality: The medical experts at RealSelf were quick to respond to (and dispute) the Zerona claim.

  • Theodore Katz, MD calls it a "modern day version of Snake Oil". 
  • Richard Rand, a Seattle plastic surgeon calls it deceptive marketing:  it's "just a false advertising claim designed to convince the naive to pay for this treatment."
  • Memphis plastic surgeon Peter Aldea, MD declares "There is a ZERO chance that this claim is true!"

Just like notion of tummy tuck tightening without surgery, Zerona's effectiveness may be attributable to a change in diet that is included with the Zerona treatment, as pointed out by Dr. Richard Baxter. Proper diet and exercise are the only proven non-surgical slimming solutions.

Updated 7/20/09: Zerona's PR agency confirmed that @myzerona is the official Zerona twitter handle.