Claim Check: Tummy tightening without surgery

A. Foley on 14 Jul 2009 at 11:56am

The Claim: You can tighten your tummy and erase stretch marks -- without surgery

The Background: Alternatives to tummy tuck surgery -- cheaper, without scarring, and quick recovery time  -- certainly sound compelling. There are no shortage of clinics that tout “no downtime” using new technology with names like "ThermaFrax."

A check on the claim that surgery alternatives can make a big difference to the belly came to RealSelf by way of Los Angeles community member "Catcat" who states she "doesn't want scars" when asking about an alternative to a full tummy tuck.

The Reality: No matter what the promises made by clinics or products, the fact remains: "If we could figure out how to make skin contract like shrink wrap without incisions, we wouldn't have to perform forehead lifts, face lifts, midface lifts, eye lifts, breast lifts, tummy tucks or thigh lifts," according to Otto Placik, a Chicago Plastic Surgeon. Catcat learned from our docs that, when it comes to stomach tightening alternatives to tummy tuck surgery, exercise may be the only answer.