Claim Check: Easy Injections That Smooth Cellulite, Zap Fat, and Erase Dark Circles!

Will-Lee on 31 Jul 2009 at 11:36am

The Claim: Mesotherapy -- an injection of vitamins, drugs, and enzymes -- and carboxytherapy -- carbon dioxide gas injected under the skin -- can do everything from reduce cellulite to spur weight loss to clear dark circles under your eyes.

The Background: Carboxytherapy and mesotherapy have became quite popular recently, especially in New York City, with some practitioners claiming the carboxytherapy, in particular, could work its magic in just five minutes per treatment and in just a few treatments.

The Reality: To begin with, the two treatments aren't even FDA approved for the uses for which they've been touted. The overwhelming majority of our community who have tried it haven't liked it. And RealSelf's expert response has been unequivocal: Steer clear, at least until some claims have been proven.

Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. David Hansen calls mesotherapy (as a substitute for liposuction), flatly, "a waste of time of money" and says it "just doesn't work worth a darn." And Dr. David Dreyfuss of Chicago warns that it's "dangerous" and reports he's had to treat several patients with complications from mesotherapy including "severe dimpling, discoloration, and even complete skin death requring skin grafts."

As for carboxytherapy, the Physicians Coaltion for Injectable Safety issued a stern warning just this week that getting these injections around the eyes is "especially dangerous," potentially causing blindness.