Anti-cellulite tights a hot trend in the UK

mellieb on 18 Sep 2009 at 12:00am

The British department store John Lewis reportedly sells 25,000 pairs of Scala cellulite fighting tights each month. The store promises the Brazilian-made tights work:

Fight cellulite and create a seamless silhouette with no gym required! Sounds too good to be true? New to John Lewis, Scala’s range of Anti-Cellulite underwear can do just that! Perfect for when you need to squeeze into that dress…

Tights by Scala make the promise to get rid of cellulite

What's Scala's secret cellulite treatment?  Crystals. Crystals impregnated into the fabric supposedly massage the skin, improve blood flow, and decrease cellulite.

Medical experts consistently warn consumers away from simple cellulite solutions, whether it be tights, cellulite creams, pills, or massage products. Doctors find that these cellulite products are clinically unproven and amount to marketing ploys that can't plausibly address the complex underlying mechanisms that cause cellulite.

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