Accutane Yanked For Good, Says Roche

Will-Lee on 29 Jun 2009 at 2:29pm

A controversial era in acne treatment is over: Roche says it is taking extensively-used severe acne treatment Accutane off the market after almost three decades.

The company -- in its own statement, according to Bloomberg -- makes it sound like they're yanking it because its generic competitors are making it a financial loser, and though its market share is now below five percent, Roche has also had to shell out over $33 million in damages to former Accutane patients who have complained of inflammatory bowel disease from taking the drug.

Meanwhile, generic competitors like Sotret will stay on the market, and dermatologist Neil S. Goldberg, M.D., of Bronxville, NY, tells Global Medical News isotretinoin is still "a miracle drug" for acne.

Have you used Accutane? And will you continue now that its manufacturer is pulling it off the market? And will doctors continue to prescribe isotretinoin despite its many side effects?

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