95 Percent of Dieters Regain Weight Within 1 to 5 Years

T1000 on 2 Jul 2009 at 6:37am

While it's encouraging that weight gain in the US has leveled off, the place where we're landing is firmly at overweight. To get our collective weight down, we face long odds.  The food industry doesn't want us to reduce our eating, and the diet industry is a money pit. Plainly, diets don't work. We spend something like $40 billion each year on diets, with just five out of 100 dieters keeping weight off.

Food is manufactured so we will reach our 'bliss point'Dr. Kessler's book The End of Overeating

Working against our weight-loss goals is a food industry that has us wired to eat.

In a new book, The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite, former FDA head Dr. David Kessler exposes the degree to which scientists formulate foods -- sold in grocery stores and restaurants -- to get us to eat more.

"Restaurants and food makers manipulate ingredients to reach the aptly named 'bliss point.' Foods that contain too little or too much sugar, fat or salt are either bland or overwhelming. But food scientists work hard to reach the precise point at which we derive the greatest pleasure from fat, sugar and salt." (Source: NYT)

We're all being stimulated to eat more than we should!

Diet pills don't work

Well, you knew that already. Worse yet, we're being bombarded by false claims.  Deborah Rhode, writing in the Stanford Law Review ("The Injustice of Appearance") lists an array of recent Federal Trade Commission (FTC) actions against diet pill companies, including:

  • gel.a.thin[TM] topical gel reduces fat and cellulite deposits on contact
  • Ultra LipoLean diet pill results in as much as four pounds of weight loss a week without the need to diet
  • Siluette Patch, made from seaweed, eliminates fat deposits and causes rapid weight loss without dietary changes
  • Xena RX diet pill with green tea extract blocks up to 40% of the absorption of fat
  • Fat Seltzer Reduce dietary supplement eliminates fat without diets or exercise
  • Hanmeilin Cellulite Cream with Chinese herbs causes up to ninety-five pounds of weight loss and eliminates fat and cellulite with "No Will Power Required"
  • Himalayan Diet Breakthrough, a pill containing Nepalese Mineral Pitch, causes as much as thirty-seven pounds of weight loss in eight weeks without diets or exercise.

What's the answer to our diet blues? 

Kessler offers the difficult solution: "[Our] brains are being hijacked. But once we understand what is going on, we can change."