93% of Cosmetic Procedure Patients Desire Natural Look

MakenzieR on 4 Nov 2011 at 11:00am

Most patients looking for an aesthetic change are seeking natural results, says a new survey from Suneva Medical. 

Out of 160 U.S. dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetic practices surveyed, "93.8 percent of practices find patients are gravitating towards treatments that will offer them a more natural look over a more 'done' appearance as featured by many reality stars and celebrities." (Health and Beauty Close-Up)

When stories such as "25 Reasons Plastic Surgery is Insanely Dumb" use photos of celebs with "bad" plastic surgery to say it's a stupid idea for everyone, they contradict the thousands of RealSelf community members who felt their cosmetic procedure was Worth It

The mainstream judgment around plastic surgery is pretty negative. We're inundated with photos of Joan Rivers and Lisa Rinna who've poked and pulled themselves into an obviously unnatural state. But obviously, that's not what every facelift or breast implant-seeker wants. Why would they? Can you imagine anyone wanting to be subjected to the ridicule overdone celebrities face? 

natural plastic surgery resultsHere's just a sample of the questions asked on RealSelf of how patients can achieve a natural look while enhancing:

Or search for "natural results" reviews and see how many people felt theirs fit the bill.  

Not everyone wants to tinker with their body. Not everyone is happy with the result when they do. But this notion that everyone who goes under the knife wants to look "fake" is 100% not true, and our community proves it. 

Photo credit: Dr. Mary Lee Peters; Dr. Richard P. Rand