90 percent of celebrities get work done, should they reveal?

T1000 on 11 Apr 2009 at 12:55pm

Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, the dermatologist and so-called Botox King to celebs is not comfortable disclosing names of his famous clientele.

His one exception is Cindy Crawford, who he's working with to promote a skin care line called Meaningful Beauty.  (Read about the Meaningful Beauty controversy and the active discussion on RealSelf.com).

Sebagh tells a Russian TV news reporter (video below) that 90 percent of celebrities get some form of cosmetic maintenance done, and agrees that few are willing to admit it.  "As a role model, should they say or not?  Some women are quite bold....the truth is everybody is doing some form of maintenance."  Funny enough, even Sebagh's most famous patient says she has not had any work done. Cindy Crawford denies getting Botox or plastic surgery, saying "I don't feel the need for it personally."

When pressed on whether celebrity role models should reveal their cosmetic treatments and procedures, Sebagh offers the excuse "they are all are under contract." In that, Sebagh means that beauty product companies hire famous faces to position their product as an enhancement to the natural beauty of the celebrity, not what work they have had done to maintain that face.

As celebrities cash in on beauty product endorsements, are they setting unfair expectations of beauty for women and younger females?