85% of Reviewers Say Fat Blasting Liposonix Treatment Really Works

MakenzieR on 12 Jul 2012 at 3:00pm

Liposonix before and after

When "amazing" new beauty treatments are displayed on national talk shows, viewers usually join one of two camps: 1) OMG AMAZING I WANT IT, or 2) Yeah, right. There's no way it could work that well.

That's where we come in. The RealSelf community tells is like it is when they write reviews, and they're already buzzing about Liposonix, the latest futuristically named fat reduction procedure. So far, 85% of reviewers say that Liposonix is Worth It. 

Some highlights: 

  • "I really like my results but the change is minimum. I would say this procedure is for people that has stubborn areas and can't get rid of it by dieting or exercise. I've been working out for years and my abs wouldn't show bc of my lower belly fat. Now its actually showing some more. I recommend it though." - Sol e Lua
  • "It's been 4 weeks since the procedure and I do see a difference... I don't seem to have the roll on my flanks like before and my pants are loose." - Faye2012
  • "Before my Liposonix treatment, I wore a Medium Bikini Bottom...Now, those bottoms are too big. I just got back from the store, and I fit into Extra Smalls. I have NEVER worn XS before and I am ecstatic to say the least!" - Watauga H

Liposonix before and after

While the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, not everyone is pleased:

  • "It is now 12 weeks and I've only measured 1/2 inch loss. So not worth it." - jett1
  • "I have not seen any results. This is now about 6 or 7 weeks after the procedure and I continue to have the same love handles and bulge I had from the beginning." - armendal

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Would you try Liposonix, or does it seem too good to be true?

Photo credits: Richard Baxter, MD; RealSelf member Watuaga H