6 Ways to Make Your Latisse Last Longer

Will-Lee on 4 Dec 2013 at 5:00pm

LatisseNo doubt about it: Many women love Latisse for the way it lengthens their eyelashes. 84% of our community has given it a thumbs-up, with some serious raves to boot.

But Latisse will certainly make you shell out more than your average mascara: about $120 for a two-month supply, if used as directed. This means one drop on each lash line, applied once a day with individual applicator brushes. 

Still, everyone from our very own RealSelfers to beauty blogging experts have been finding creative ways to make those drops lasts (and save a little money in the process). Here's what they're finding:

1. Use only one Latisse drop — in the cap — each day
The directions tell you to apply one drop directly to the brush for each eye. To avoid waste, RealSelf's ever-resourceful Eva has crafted her own method: "I put one drop in the cap, and dip the brush in the cap. This way, I can do both eyelids with one drop and one brush." Eva used Latisse to get lush lashes before her wedding — and said they were "ridiculously long" after three weeks.

2. Use the Latisse brush for two consecutive days
Another problem with Latisse is that you only get 60 applicator brushes to use, and that's it. New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Joseph says he suggests that patients use one brush for two days straight: "It can be rinsed with water in between uses, and left to air dry." This way, you can get a full four months out of your prescription.

3. Use your own brush
Beauty blog  Beauty in the Bag — which seems to absolutely love Latisse — thinks a "skinny eyeliner brush" is the way to go rather than with the ones that come with the package. BITB claims this method may also lessen irritation and hyperpigmentation.

4. Cut the Latisse brush in half
Along the same lines, some docs are telling people to give the brushes that come with Latisse a chop. This way, you'll use less product — and what you do use will be applied more carefully and efficiently.

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5. Apply only as much Latisse as you need
Even though Allergan says you need one drop per eye per day, the consensus seems to be that a full drop is probably more than enough. Of course, this depends entirely on how long you want your lashes to be. Of course, don't forget that the  effect of Latisse isn't permanent — once you stop using it, your lashes will revert to their original length and thickness.

6. Find discount Latisse or Latisse rebates
Many doctors are offering Latisse at the suggested retail price — about $120 a bottle. But there are definitely some out there who are giving a pretty sharp discount, so make sure to shop around for the most competitive price. Several docs have mentioned they're also giving discounts in conjunction with other treatments, or are participating in the Latisse rebate program, which can shave $10-$20 off the cost.

And one more thing you should know...
Some of our members have tried Lumigan — the glaucoma drug that, in a lower concentration, inspired Latisse — as a cheaper alternative to lengthen their lashes. However, as Houston plastic surgeon Dr. John LoMonaco cautions, Lumigan is not FDA-approved for eyelash treatment, and you (and any doctor that tries) are likely to run into some pretty thick legal issues if you attempt to get a script for Lumigan but don't have glaucoma.

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