5 Reasons Some Patients Are Dropping Facelifts for a New Alternative

K. Mathews on 2 Apr 2014 at 9:00am

Is it time to give a facelift to… facelifts? Though facelifts have long been the standard approach for creating rejuvenated faces, a lot of doctors and patients are shifting over to a newer type of procedure: face-shaping. With face-shaping, doctors insert implants under the skin to contour body parts like the cheeks, chin, nose, and jaw, but the results do not have as dramatic of an impact on wrinkles.   
As Dr. Laurence Kirwan explains, there are a number of factors that convince patients to bypass the traditional facelift. Here are five reasons why some patients may be opting for face-shaping:
  1. Some view it as less invasive. Face-shaping involves contouring, while facelifts require pulling and cutting away at skin.
  2. It has a much briefer recovery period. Though swelling many linger, patients can go back about their lives quickly, whereas facelift patients need a week or two to heal.
  3. It offers the patient more control of the outcome. Patients have the opportunity to choose the precise size and shape of the implant prior to the procedure.
  4. It can be permanent. Since the implant almost always stays put, there’s no need to go back under the knife every few years to fight the additional pull of gravity.
  5. Buyer’s remorse is less of an issue. Patients who decide they want their old appearance back can fairly simply have the implants removed
However, that's not the end of the story. Many doctors are not in favor of these implants, citing that they do not achieve the same results. Facial fat injections or implants can often be a precursor to a facelift for younger patients.
Do you think facial contouring is a desirable alternative to a facelift? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!
photo credit: cheek implant performed by Thomas E. Kaniff, MD