Nonsmoker? You're Still at Risk for Around-The-Mouth Wrinkles

12 Nov 2013 at 9:00am

By John Alexander II, MD

lip wrinkles

The fine vertical lines that so commonly appear around the lips can be a telltale giveaway of your age. While minimizing their appearance is easy enough with a combination of Botox, Juvederm or other dermal fillers -- what causes them first place? Here’s a look at some top culprits:


They’re called smoker’s lines for a reason. Smokers regularly purse their lips tightly during the physical act of smoking -- and the continued muscle contractions pull the skin repeatedly until wrinkles form.

And, the chemical makeup of the cigarette smoke itself contributes to premature aging of the skin.

Water Bottles

woman drinking from water bottle beach

Water bottles are a permanent accessory for anyone who works out regularly, or even just enjoys an occasional jog down the beach.

While water is an essential element of keeping your body and skin nourished (which helps prevent wrinkles), the act of drinking out of a bottle constantly can lead to the formation of new fine lines around the mouth.

Staying hydrated is important, but switching to a cup rather than a bottle could help keep your mouth wrinkle-free longer.


Like drinking from water bottles, drinking out of straws constantly forces the mouth into a pursed position -- which in turn, encourages those little vertical grooves to form around the lips.

Again, making the commitment to drinking directly from a glass is a good start in preventing those early fine lines from deepening.

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