Review of 24.7, Knockoff of Freeze 24/7

Beauty Cred on 24 Mar 2008 at 12:00am

A jaunt to the drugstore (CVS) threw me smack in front of a display of red & white "24-7 Skincare" products. Knock-off of Freeze 24/7? Sounds like it. Habit always gets the better of me and I checked out the ingredients--which include GABA, just like Freeze 24/7. Decided to post my review.

24-7 Skincare Targeted Wrinkle Treatment ($39.99) claims the following:

"24.7 Skincare Targeted Wrinkle Treatment works within minutes of application. Targets lines and wrinkles with a latest-tech formula including GABA, Lavendox and Hyaluronic Acid Spheres. The results are impressive: 100% of respondents saw a 50-90% reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles within 10 minutes, making it an effective, non-surgical cosmetic alternative to Botox and other invasive procedures."

When I go to dab 24-7 Skincare Targeted Wrinkle Treatment on, the white cream feels almost hard to the touch--more paste-like, and the type of cream that becomes smoother as it warms in your hands. 24-7 Skincare Tarteted Wrinkle Treatment also has an almost imperceptible scent--it has one, just can't place it and it's barely there.

I  gently rub the 24-7 Skincare Targeted Wrinkle Treatment in--thank heavens I'm a good spackler because that's what I feel like I'm doing. And I wait. I'm not, however, good at waiting for paint to dry, so this is an eternity. But the 24-7 Skincare Targeted Wrinkle Treatment info does say "10 minutes".

Time's up. 24-7 Skincare Targeted Wrinkle Treatment does appear to soften things a bit--can't tell if it's because it's doing some Botox-like magic (ie, ceasing facial movements) or merely spackling them in. I do know it's not freezing my face enough to be an issue at my facial yoga class tonight. And I want to see  how things look in a few hours.

24-7 Skincare Targeted Wrinkle Treatment appears to smooth out lines initially. I don't know about longer-term and how it will be with makeup over it. It does feel a bit drying, so a bit of moisturizer on top would help.