A Big Thanks to the 226 Doctors Who Recently Joined RealSelf — Welcome!

A. Foley on 22 Dec 2010 at 2:20pm

End of year is always a busy time for aesthetic doctors as consumers take advantage of time off in December to undergo a treatment.  This week we heard from a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles who is doing 6 surgeries a day.  Another facial plastic surgeon is operating on 6 noses every day from now until Christmas.  Despite the schedule crunch, we've seen an end-of-year surge in interest from doctors to join their colleagues already on RealSelf.

Last we checked we had 226 new signups....a very special welcome and thank you to:

  1. Alejandro J. Quiroz, MD Mexico Plastic surgeon
  2. Richard Bendor-Samuel, MD Canada, Nova Scotia Plastic surgeon
  3. Michael Stotsky, MD New York Dermatologist
  4. Sanjiv Kayastha, MD New York Plastic surgeon
  5. Mark G. Lebwohl, MD New York Dermatologic surgeon
  6. Mary Ann Martinez, MD Texas Dermatologist
  7. Jacob Levitt, MD New York Dermatologist
  8. Gary Goldenberg, MD New York Dermatologist
  9. Marsha Gordon, MD New York Dermatologist
  10. Helen Shim-Chang, MD New York Dermatologist
  11. Stephen Delia, MD Massachusetts Plastic surgeon
  12. Orit Markowitz, MD New York Dermatologist
  13. Tom Gallaher, MD Tennessee Plastic surgeon
  14. Sam Goldberger, MD California Oculoplastic surgeon
  15. Yadro Ducic, MD Texas Facial plastic surgeon
  16. Ruby Dillon, DDS Cosmetic dentist
  17. Patricia Berbai, MD Canada, Quebec Plastic surgeon
  18. Alesia P. Saboeiro, MD New York Plastic surgeon
  19. R. Laurence Berkowitz, MD California Plastic surgeon
  20. Patricia Wong, MD California Dermatologic surgeon
  21. Josh Litwin, MD Washington Ophthalmologist
  22. Monika Kiripolsky, MD California Dermatologic surgeon
  23. Craig Crippen, MD Canada, British Columbia General surgeon
  24. Leroy Young, MD Missouri Plastic surgeon
  25. Benjamin Gelfant, MD Canada, British Columbia Plastic surgeon
  26. Amy K. Alderman, MD, MPH Georgia Plastic surgeon
  27. Sonia Badreshia-Bansal, MD California Dermatologist
  28. Michael Jasin, MD Florida Facial plastic surgeon
  29. Robert Backstein, MD Canada, Ontario Plastic surgeon
  30. Douglas Gervais, MD Minnesota Plastic surgeon
  31. Robert Strimling, MD Nevada Dermatologist
  32. Ronald Prussick, MD Maryland Dermatologist
  33. James W. Campbell, MD Arkansas General surgeon
  34. Andy Wongworawat, MD California Plastic surgeon
  35. Adam Scheiner, MD Florida Ophthalmologist
  36. Verne Weisberg, MD Maine Plastic surgeon
  37. Thomas Nguyen, DMD California Orthodontist
  38. David Bauer, MD Arkansas Plastic surgeon
  39. Brian Reagan, MD California Plastic surgeon
  40. Gary Talbert, MD Arkansas Plastic surgeon
  41. Kris Shewmake, MD Arkansas Plastic surgeon
  42. Anand D. Patel, MD Texas Facial plastic surgeon
  43. Dean DeRoberts, MD New York Plastic surgeon
  44. Nathan T. Leigh, MD Minnesota Plastic surgeon
  45. Michael Chusid, DDS New Jersey Cosmetic dentist
  46. John A. Moore, Jr., DDS Texas Cosmetic dentist
  47. Daniel Shapiro, MD Arizona Plastic surgeon
  48. H. Ryan Kazemi, DMD Maryland Cosmetic dentist
  49. Howard S. Kornstein, MD New York Ophthalmologist
  50. Heather Furnas, MD California Plastic surgeon
  51. Albert F. Fleury Jr., MD Maryland Plastic surgeon
  52. Yasaman Mohadjer, MD Florida Ophthalmologist
  53. Sanjay Parashar, MD Dubai U.A.E. Plastic surgeon
  54. George John Alexander, MD Nevada Plastic surgeon
  55. Dalvir Pannu, DDS California Cosmetic dentist
  56. Roland Weisser, MD Germany Dermatologist
  57. Sanjay Rao, MD Illinois  Ophthalmologist
  58. Patty K. Young, MD Texas Plastic surgeon
  59. Ajay V. Kumar, MD Maryland Plastic surgeon
  60. Tomas Marrecau, DMD Florida Orthodontist
  61. Mairelys Rodriguez, DMD Florida Orthodontist
  62. Steven H. Warnock, MD Utah Plastic surgeon
  63. Coty Torgerson, MD Canada, Ontario Facial plastic surgeon
  64. Lida Sadr, DDS Virginia Cosmetic dentist
  65. Ravi K. Aloor, MD Maryland Plastic surgeon
  66. Kimberly Johnson Genc, DDS California Cosmetic dentist
  67. Gary W. Cox, MD Louisiana Plastic surgeon
  68. Mark Checcone, MD Missouri Facial plastic surgeon
  69. Florence Mussat, MD Illinois Plastic surgeon
  70. A. Vandiveer Strait, DDS Connecticut Cosmetic dentist
  71. Edward E. Dickerson, IV, MD North Carolina Facial plastic surgeon
  72. William Lambeth, MD North Carolina Plastic surgeon
  73. Rajesh Vasu, MD India Plastic surgeon
  74. Ann Reilley, MD Louisiana Plastic surgeon
  75. Arthur Swift, MD Canada, Quebec Plastic surgeon
  76. Melissa Johnson, MD Massachusetts Plastic surgeon
  77. Douglas J. Key, MD Oregon Dermatologic surgeon
  78. Tony H. Pham, MD California Plastic surgeon
  79. Tom Hedge, DDS Texas Cosmetic dentist
  80. J. Timothy Katzen, MD California Plastic surgeon
  81. Alicia Barba, MD Florida Dermatologist
  82. Ian Maher, MD Virginia Dermatologic surgeon
  83. Onelio Garcia, MD Florida Plastic surgeon
  84. Kathy Frazar, DDS Texas Cosmetic dentist
  85. Shelly Friedman, DO Arizona Dermatologist
  86. John Kao, MD Canada, Ontario Plastic surgeon
  87. Arko Demianczuk, MD Canada, British Columbia Plastic surgeon
  88. Bruce Hartley, DDS California Cosmetic dentist
  89. Janet Turkle, MD Indiana Plastic surgeon
  90. Jeffrey W. Hall, MD Texas Plastic surgeon
  91. Claudio DeLorenzi, MD Canada, Ontario Plastic surgeon
  92. Steve Samuel, MD Canada, Ontario Plastic surgeon
  93. Ludwig Allegra, MD Washington Facial plastic surgeon
  94. Julie E. Voss, MD Washington Dermatologic surgeon
  95. Cynthia Nicolau, MD Brazil Facial plastic surgeon
  96. Ken Dolynchuk, MD Canada, Manitoba Plastic surgeon
  97. Robert Shenker, MD Canada, Ontario Plastic surgeon
  98. Robert Sleightholm, MD Canada, Ontario Plastic surgeon
  99. Ezat Hashim, MD Canada, Quebec Plastic surgeon
  100. John Korman, MD California Plastic surgeon
  101. Warren Lent, MD California Plastic surgeon
  102. Eric Sadeh, MD New York Plastic surgeon
  103. Pamela Basuk, MD New York Dermatologist
  104. Mahmood Kara, MD Canada, Ontario Plastic surgeon
  105. Brian Peterson, MD Canada, British Columbia Plastic surgeon
  106. Elizabeth Kerner, MD Texas Plastic surgeon
  107. Adrian Richards, MSc UK London Plastic surgeon
  108. Michael Kraus, DDS New York Cosmetic dentist 
  109. Ritu Sonia Batra, MD California Dermatologic surgeon 
  110. Samie Thabet, MD Maryland Cosmetic dentist; Orthodontist 
  111. Gregory Kjar, MD Utah Plastic surgeon 
  112. Brian Eichenberg, MD California Plastic surgeon 
  113. Kevin Sadati, DO California Facial plastic surgeon 
  114. Christine Sullivan, MD Ohio Plastic surgeon 
  115. Anthony Corrado, DO California Facial plastic surgeon 
  116. Philip J. Straka, MD Texas Plastic surgeon 
  117. Davin Lim, MBBS Australia Dermatologist 
  118. Pierre F. Giammanco, MD California Facial plastic surgeon
  119. Robert Orme, MD Utah Dermatologist 
  120. Carlo Rob Bernardino, MD California Oculoplastic surgeon
  121. Frances Jang, MD Canada, British Columbia Dermatologic surgeon 
  122. James Bartels, MD New Hampshire Facial plastic surgeon 
  123. Frederick W. Ehret, MD Washington Plastic surgeon
  124. Sunil Ummat, MD Washington Facial plastic surgeon 
  125. Joseph Campanelli, MD Minnesota Facial plastic surgeon
  126. Kelly Gallego, MD California Plastic surgeon 
  127. Eric Gheewalla, DMD Massachusetts Cosmetic dentist; Orthodontist
  128. Phillip R. Craft, MD Florida Plastic surgeon
  129. Will Kirby, DO California Dermatologic surgeon 
  130. Barry Resnik, MD Florida Dermatologic surgeon 
  131. Carrie Morris, MD Florida Oculoplastic surgeon  
  132. Catherine Huang-Begovic, MD California Facial plastic surgeon 
  133. Jean-Louis Séchaud, MD France Plastic surgeon 
  134. Alexis Verpaele, MD Belgium Plastic surgeon 
  135. Dana Khuthaila, MD Canada, Ontario Plastic surgeon 
  136. Richard Tholen, MD Minnesota Plastic surgeon 
  137. Leif Rogers, MD California Plastic surgeon  
  138. Thomas C. Cochran, Jr., M.D. Massachusetts Plastic surgeon 
  139. Joanna L. Partridge, MD New Jersey Plastic surgeon 
  140. Christopher W. Kling, MD Missouri Dermatologic surgeon 
  141. Robert Sigal, MD Virginia Plastic surgeon 
  142. George Weston, MD Virginia Plastic surgeon  
  143. Byron Poindexter, MD Virginia Plastic surgeon 
  144. Shashidhar Kusuma, MD Florida Plastic surgeon
  145. Mathew C. Mosher, MD Canada, British Columbia Plastic surgeon 
  146. James McMahan, MD Ohio Plastic surgeon 
  147. Timothy Connall, MD Oregon Plastic surgeon  
  148. Henry F. Garazo, MD Maryland Plastic surgeon 
  149. Gregory P. Antoniak, MD Canada, Ontario Facial plastic surgeon 
  150. Craig S. Bindi, MD California Ophthalmologist 
  151. Randall LaFrom, DDS California Cosmetic dentist  
  152. Regina L. Rosenthal, MD California Plastic surgeon
  153. Jack Peterson, MD Kansas Plastic surgeon  
  154. James Shaw, MD Kansas Plastic surgeon  
  155. Terrence Murphy, MD Colorado Plastic surgeon  
  156. Debra irizarry, MD Colorado Plastic surgeon 
  157. Lawrence Iteld, MD Illinois Plastic surgeon 
  158. Michael Sullivan, MD Ohio Facial Plastic surgeon 
  159. Luis Vinas, MD Florida Plastic surgeon 
  160. Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO California Facial Plastic surgeon 
  161. Deji Fashemo, DDS Texas Orthodontist 
  162. Sadri Ozan Sozer, MD Texas Plastic surgeon 
  163. Harlow Hollis, MD Canada, British Columbia Plastic surgeon 
  164. Jed R. Bindrup, MD Utah Plastic surgeon
  165. Rodrigo Teixeira, MD Brazil, Sao Paulo Plastic surgeon 
  166. Jonathan Heistein, MD Texas Plastic surgeon 
  167. Jean Carruthers, MD Canada, British Columbia Oculoplastic surgeon 
  168. Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD Indiana Plastic surgeon 
  169. Laura Torrado, DDS New York Cosmetic dentist 
  170. John Soderberg, MD North Carolina Dermatologic surgeon 
  171. Roy McAnnally, MS, PhD, DMD Michigan Orthodontist 
  172. Ivar Van Heijningen, MD Belgium Plastic surgeon 
  173. Temitope F. Soares, MD Texas Dermatologic surgeon
  174. Gabrielle Thodas, DDS, MSD California Cosmetic dentist 
  175. Mary Catherine Fischer, MD Maryland Ophthalmologist 
  176. Daniel Espinoza, MD Switzerland Plastic surgeon 
  177. Charles D. Ebert, MD Nevada Plastic surgeon 
  178. Axel de Vooght, MD Belgium Plastic surgeon
  179. Victor J. Atun, MD Texas Plastic surgeon
  180. Ryan Heider, MD North Carolina Bariatric surgeon; General surgeon 
  181. Shawn Sadri, DMD New York Cosmetic dentist  
  182. Johan E. Brahme, MD California Plastic surgeon  
  183. Carlos R. Medina, MD Pennsylvania Bariatric Surgeon 
  184. John Calinikos, MD South Africa Facial plastic surgeon  
  185. Robert J. Lamberts, MD Michigan Dermatologic surgeon 
  186. Jon Sattler, MD California Plastic surgeon 
  187. Jon Paul Trevisani, MD Florida Plastic surgeon  
  188. Steven R. Cohen, MD California Plastic surgeon 
  189. Thangavel Ayyappan, MD India Plastic surgeon 
  190. Louis Bonaldi, MD Nevada Plastic surgeon 
  191. Leonard Miller, MD Massachusetts Plastic surgeon 
  192. Samuel Bartholomew, MD Oregon Plastic surgeon  
  193. Raymond A. Capone, Jr., MD Pennsylvania Plastic surgeon 
  194. Michael Gulizio, DMD, MS New York Cosmetic dentist 
  195. Haitham Masri, MD Michigan Facial plastic surgeon 
  196. Karen Nipper, MD New York Ophthalmologist 
  197. LaDawn Talbott, MD Nevada Plastic surgeon 
  198. Francisco Menendez-Graino, MD Spain Plastic surgeon  
  199. James Ridgway, MD Washington Facial plastic surgeon  
  200. Rafael C. Cabrera, MD Florida Plastic Surgeon
  201. Lori Saltz, MD California Plastic surgeon  
  202. David Greenspun, MD New York Plastic surgeon  
  203. Michael Brickman, MD New York Plastic surgeon  
  204. George Koutsoukos, DDS California Cosmetic dentist 
  205. Justin Johnsen, MD Utah Ophthalmologist  
  206. Mark L. Mazow, MD Texas Oculoplastic surgeon  
  207. Steven Cordoves, DDS New York Cosmetic dentist  
  208. Vera A. Chotzen, MD California Dermatologist  
  209. Ritvik Mehta, MD California Facial plastic surgeon 
  210. Daniel J. Casper, MD California Plastic surgeon 
  211. Andrea Willey, MD California Dermatologic surgeon  
  212. P. Daniel Ward, MD Utah Facial plastic surgeon 
  213. Paul Vitenas, MD Texas Plastic surgeon 
  214. Cheryl Burgess, MD Washington DC Dermatologic surgeon 
  215. Michael Villano, MD Oregon Facial Plastic Surgeon
  216. Alfredo Meza-Perez, MD Mexico Plastic surgeon 
  217. Mitchell Schwartz, MD Vermont Dermatologic surgeon 
  218. Shahin Javaheri, MD California Plastic surgeon 
  219. Gary Breslow, MD New Jersey Plastic surgeon 
  220. Carlin Vickery, MD New York Plastic surgeon  
  221. Andrew Kaczynski, MD California Plastic surgeon  
  222. Victor Au, MD North Carolina Plastic surgeon 
  223. Jeffrey Schiller, MD New York Oculoplastic surgeon 
  224. A. Charlotta La Via, MD California Plastic surgeon  
  225. H. Michael Roark, MD California Plastic surgeon  
  226. Manu Gujrati, MD Oregon Facial plastic surgeon 
After being accepted into the RealSelf doctor community--a process where we require specific training and credentials-- these doctors can participate in the community by answering health & beauty questions within the scope of their specialty, as well as post before and after pictures to our galleries

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