10 things they won't tell you before a tummy tuck

Angie_M on 16 Sep 2010 at 5:31pm

A very active RealSelf community member, Kimmers25 recently put together a comprehensive list of what to expect before and after a tummy tuck. (It can be found in Tummy Tuck Forums.) Kim should know. She had a tummy tuck a few months ago.Tummy Tuck Survival Guide - Recovery

Her lists read like a Girlfriends’ Guide to Abdominoplasty and are not only informative, but entertaining too.

We’ve culled ten great nuggets of advice from her posts, though you should really click over and read the whole thing. You won’t be sorry.
  1. If you’re told you’ll swell, it’s a huge understatement.
  2. “Some discomfort” = A LOT of pain.
  3. The pain meds you’re given will really slow things down. Take a stool softener!
  4. Don’t watch funny movies for at least two weeks after surgery because it hurts to laugh.
  5. You’ll likely experience some level of depression after your tummy tuck (along with a whole host of other emotions).
  6. You’ll need about seven pairs of cheap, cotton granny panties to wear post-op.
  7. Be sure to rent a hospital bed or get a recliner for sleeping. In the beginning, you won’t be able to lie flat.
  8. Have someone wash your hair for the first shower or three.
  9. Do not eat processed foods for the first week or you’ll balloon up like Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
  10. Get help for the first few days after surgery and surround yourself with positive people.

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