44 Year-Old Gets Carded for Ordering a Margarita - 10 Photos After Eyelid Surgery

VVartanian on 24 Nov 2013 at 9:00am

margarita limeHappy Makeover Monday, folks! Today we're celebrating 10 brave souls fed up with the sags (and bags) that accompany aging eyes.  

Here's our 10 most talked-about eyelid surgery before and afters -- including a RealSelfer (44 years young) asked for ID when ordering a salt-rimmed beverage. 

With that in mind, leave your fake ID at the door, and witness a few (truly) eye-opening transformations ...

1. 44 year-old tired of people asking if she is tired.

before after eyelid surgery eyelift blepharoplasty blue eyes

"When I look in the mirror, I see myself the way I saw myself 20 years ago. Being so pale, my suture lines are still quite red and I know that will take some time to resolve. That's O.K. by me! The results are WORTH it!" -Desi77

2. Over looking older than she actually is - she's only 38.

before after photo eyelid blepharoplasty bags under eyes

"I look 10 years younger -- my eyes are bright and beautiful and I love it!" -LindsayD74

3.  44 year-old nurse practitioner in NYC

before after photo eyelid surgery blepharoplasty brown eyes bags

"Turned 45 in July and no one believes me. No one asks me if I'm tired or in a bad mood since the day I had the surgery. I was proofed at Applebee's when trying to buy a margarita. That made my week!" -KRFNP

4.  Wanted her eyes to look more "alive" in Arizona

before after asian eyelid surgery photo

"I will continue to seek graceful aging procedures from [my surgeon] in the future. Love not having to wear eye makeup, which I never was confident enough to do before my blepharoplasties." -Scottsdale1247

5. Gave up mascara as her eyelids were so heavy -- they were "sitting" on her eyelashes.

before after eyelid surgery bags photo blepharoplasty

"The only pain I experienced was a couple hours after the surgery, and I believe it's only because the local anesthesia around the eye area had worn off. Otherwise, I feel great! It's so much fun to put on my makeup in the mornings!" -Ms. Marianne

6.  Wishes she did this 10 years ago

before after eyelid surgery photo 50 plus bags upper eyelift

"I am still not crazy about how the upper lids look at the incision and suture sites; however, it's still healing so I'll be patient. It's almost unnoticeable with makeup. I am still happy I did the surgery." -arnoldbe

7.  51 year-old Canadian yogi and mom to 7

before after eyelid surgery blepharoplasty photo bags green eyes

"I barely think about [the surgery] anymore. I am going in for a wee adjustment on one side, though. Other than that, this was so totally worth it! Be brave!" -7kids

8.  Felt like the hundreds spent on cosmetic treatments and creams weren't cutting it.

before after eyelid surgery eyelift blepharoplasty bags

"I'm still swollen a few days past a month now. I'm putting ScarAway on my scars every night and that seems to help." -BodyRock by Lisa

9.  Feeling refreshed right before her big 45th birthday

before after eyelid surgery blepharoplasty brown eyes eye lift

"I'm using Latisse and even with the longer lashes, I don't feel them on my eyelids. Which by the way, is a wonderful thing for those of you who know that feeling of your lashes poking your hanging [upper] lid!" -Shell in Jersey

10.  Had surgery at 62 because she couldn't see 

before after eyelid surgery blepharoplasty blue eyes eye lift

"My eyes don't look 100% symmetrical, but I think this is such an awesome outcome I am not going to quibble. I got a little used to one eye going half-masted [see my before photo] so, a few millimeters are of no consequence to me.  If you are 'older' like me and want to do this, don't hesitate. Now I see better and look improved!" -Mrs_Fitzhenry

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