No Surprise: 1 in 4 Would Get Plastic Surgery If Cost Were No Issue

Princess 19 on 26 Jan 2012 at 11:00am

A recent survey says one in four adults in America would go under the knife - if they had more money.  Looks like saving for the "next big thing" just took on another meaning.

Although these results were paraded as shocking in mainstream media, there weren't too surprising to the community on RealSelf. More on that in a minute.

The survey, conducted for online coupon and offer website,, interviewed 2,500 U.S. adults.  The company first asked the blanket statement, "Would you ever get plastic surgery?"  When asked this question, an overwhelming majority of 85% said, "no."  We found this quite interesting considering 1.5 million unique visitors come to RealSelf every month -- obviously people are curious.

Thankfully the survey took it a further step.  The second question was posed as, "Would you consider getting plastic surgery if cost were not an issue?"

23% of the respondents said they would consider a procedure if cost were not an issue.  That's 8% more than the those who answered "yes" to the first question.  Most of those that said "yes" (at 28%) were women.

americans and plastic surgery

Why didn't this surprise us?  Questions come in for our doctors every day about budget-friendly surgical alternatives.  They want solutions for their beauty concerns, but can't afford a big-time procedure. Just a few examples:

Many more people ask about surgery alternatives without mentioning price -- but that could be part of their concern. 

The most likely reason this data is making headlines? In Western culture, no one wants to admit at a dinner party that they've had or are thinking about plastic surgery.  

In fact, we're running a poll ourselves, and nearly 1/3 of responders so far say they would find it weird if someone talked about their plastic surgery on Facebook. Your best friend might be searching for information about breast implants but be too embarrassed/ashamed/self-conscious to tell you about it. We're working on that. :) 

What do you think? Would you consider getting plastic surgery if cost were not an issue? Or do you already see yourself having a procedure regardless of the price?