Stomach + Birthmark Removal

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How Do I Get my Brithmark Removed ?

Im 13 and my birthmark is so embarrasing and unattractive.its on the side of my belly and as its summer,all the girls my age are wearing belly tops,im... READ MORE

How to remove birthmarks?

I've got two birthmarks that I'd like to remove. One is located on my stomach, and the other one on my buttocks. So how to remove these birthmarks? READ MORE

How much is it to remove a nevus becker? How many sessions will it take? Will it actually work?

Hello I am 20 years old and I was told I have a nevus becker and that it is not removable. At the age of 10 they tried to do laser on a very small... READ MORE

How can I remove a birthmark?

We'll it's not a birthmark, since those spots appeared in my tummy when I was 2 years old, but the doctors I went to see said its a birthmark and... READ MORE

I have a birthmark on my stomach. I'm embarrassed to take my shirt of because of it. (Photo)

Do you know if it could be removed, and if so would it leave a scar or something along those lines? READ MORE

What treatments would I need to get rid of these marks on my stomach? (Photos)

One is a light birthmark/ discoloration under my boobs. Can that be treated with lasers? What's an estimate cost? Around my belly button are two... READ MORE

Can white birthmarks be removed naturally? Is it considered vitiligo or are they both completely different? (Photo)

I have a white spot on my stomach, it's been there for quite a while and I have no idea if it's a birthmark or vitiligo. READ MORE

Cafe au late birthmark on stomach. What treatment should I get?

I have a cafe au lait on my stomach and I wanted know what treatment I should get. If it doesn't work will I get my money back? It is about a quarter... READ MORE

Is there any way I can remove my white birthmark on my stomach?

I have quite a big birthmark on my stomach (it's sort of the shape of Australia). I know laser treatment won't work but is there any other remedy? READ MORE

What can I do to remove my cafe del spot? It is a fairly large birthmark (Photo)

My question to you is there any way to get it removed and if so where to get removed . The spot is large in size and it covers most of my left side of... READ MORE

Patch on stomach - I have a birth mark on my stomach and it feels uncomfortable when I wear saree. (photo)

It is a form of patch any solution than can be removed or the patch can be done light.because I don't want any problem after my married life. READ MORE

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