Spots + Birthmark Removal

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I'm 15 years old and have a few càfe au lait spots on my right leg. What treatment would you recommend for removal?

I would like to know how effective laser treatments are where I can have this done and also if there are any home remedies I can try? Thanks READ MORE

How can I remove a birthmark?

We'll it's not a birthmark, since those spots appeared in my tummy when I was 2 years old, but the doctors I went to see said its a birthmark and... READ MORE

I'm 20 yo, I have a brown birthmark on my left cheek starting under my eye. Should I continue laser or opt for surgery? (Photo)

The birthmark on my left cheek is 60% faded after 9 laser sittings. Few spots in b/w the birthmark area have the same color as my normal skin color.... READ MORE

How can I remove black spot from my body?

When I was 9 years old in an accident I broke my left hand and plastered to join the bone again. After that a black spot appeared on several part of... READ MORE

What are these spots in my inner thigh? They look like birthmarks (Photo)

I have four spots that look like birthmarks that suddenly appeared in my inner thigh/groin area. They are not raised, textured, nor do they itch. READ MORE

What are Mongolian Spots?

What do mongolian spots look like? Where are they usually located on the body? READ MORE

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