Port Wine Stain + Birthmark Removal

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Best Treatment for Port Wine Stain Birthmark?

I have a large port wine stain on right leg covering 50%. What are procedure available? How much would it cost? READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost to Remove This Birthmark on my Face? (photo)

I believe it's a port wine stain. Not very large, but it makes me self-conscience. READ MORE

What is Right Time to Start Treatment for 1 Month Old and Diagnosed for Port Wine Stain?

I haveone monthold daughter born on 28 July' 11. She was born with red birth marks covering extensive portions of her body. primarily her face. I... READ MORE

What Is The Best Treatment Option To Lighten a Port Wine Stain Birthmark on Dark Skin?

Hello I was just wondering if someone with dark skin tone with a portwine stain birthmark is able to get laser treatment done on their skin to make... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove a port wine stain birthmark with laser treatment if it is partially covered with my hair? (Photo)

I have a port wine stain on the top left side of my scalp. It wouldn't bother me at all if it was entirely covered by my hair, but about half of it... READ MORE

What would be my best option for port wine stain birthmark removal?

I have a port wine stain birthmark on my face and around my eye. I had 20 laser procedures on it about 7 years ago and it barely touched it what are... READ MORE

My port wine stain birthmark is awful. It's on my right bum cheek and thigh. How much would it cost to get rid of?

My birthmark is on my right cheek on my butt and my thigh and I've always been self conscience and sometimes it burns in salt water or in high... READ MORE

Port wine stains that affects my top lip. Can it be fixed?

Hi my name is stefanny i am from ecuador. I used to be a patient of roy geronimus . I havent have a treatment with him since i have 5 years old. Now i... READ MORE

Which kind of doctor removes birthmarks? (Photo)


What is the best treatment to remove a red port wine stain birthmark?

I have a red portwine stain on the left side of my nose, I have had a number of laser treatments with the NHS using a PDL, with some lightening but... READ MORE

What is the best treatment to remove a port wine stain on head/scalp? (Photo)

I have had a port wine stain / birthmark on my scalp and I am eager to have it removed. It has become more visible over the years since I start losing... READ MORE

Is there proof that removing port wine stain under 1 yr of age gives better result than at 1 yr old .

My daughter is currently two months old, and has a facial port wine stain birthmark . In our country the laser treatment does not get done on under... READ MORE

Revlite Vs. VBeam PDL for purplish Port Wine Stain?

I am 38 years old with a port wine stain on the left side of my face around the eye and forehead. I have a consultation with a Dr. tomorrow that has a... READ MORE

What is the Best Laser for Portwine and How Many Times It Will Take for the Best Results ?

I have portwine stains in right side of my face and it covers half my face my age is 25 and weight is 75 kg and my general health is good. READ MORE

Black Man with Port Wine Birthmark. Can It Be Removed?

I am a black man with what i think is a port wine birthmark. can it be removed? READ MORE

Which Laser Removes Birthmarks (Port Wine) Best on Dark Skin Types?

Which laser removes birthmarks (port wine) best on dark skin types READ MORE

Will Anesthesia Damage My 1 Week Old Daughter's Health?

My doughter is one week old and is diagnosed by pediatrist with NEVUS PORT WINE,she s got the stains all over one of her arm,including... READ MORE

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