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Surgery to Remove Cafe Au Lait Birthmark?

I have a cafe au lait birthmark on the right side of my cheek. Laser treatments did not work for me. Do I need to undergo a surgery? How much will it... READ MORE

Mole/birthmark Removal, Should I Do It Surgically or with Electrocautery?

Hi I have this mole/birthmark its a completely flat brown nevus on my arm probably 1 cm wide and I have always felt insecure about it and finally at... READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost to Remove This Birthmark on my Face? (photo)

I believe it's a port wine stain. Not very large, but it makes me self-conscience. READ MORE

How to lighten cafe au lait birthmark? (Photo)

Im 18 and I have a little birthmark between my cheek and my mouth. The inside of the mark has those little dotted birthmarks (idk what they're called)... READ MORE

I Have a Birthmark on my Forehead, how Can I Remove It?

This birthmark has been with ever I was born and its really embarassing. How can it be removed? Is it safe to be removed? Will it leave a scar after... READ MORE

What is the Best Laser for a Cafe Au Lait Birthmark on Skin of East Indian Decent?

I have had several Yag laser treatments, which have faded the discoloration somewhat, but I am hesistant to have anymore as I have also experienced... READ MORE

How can I fully remove my cafe au lait birthmark? How much does it cost? (Photo)

Cafe au lait birthmark on chest/ breast above nipple. It's dark/coffee colored. Want to get it removed, is this possible and does it work? What's the... READ MORE

Want to Remove a Large Brown Birthmark on the Back with Hair?

I'm Asian, has a large brown birthmark on my back with hair. It's like roughly 1/4 of the size of my back. My mother said it was a small spot when I... READ MORE

How Should I Remove a Raised Birthmark/mole the Size of a Pinky Fingerprint Located Near my Lip? (photo)

How should I remove a raised birthmark/mole the size of a pinky fingerprint located near my lip? As far as I know this is not cancerous, therefore I... READ MORE

I Am Infected with Giant Congenital Nevus Include Most of the Trunk and Thighs Black and Hairy Nevus? (photo)

I am infected with giant congenital nevus include most of the trunk and thighs black and hairy nevus I need cosmetic surgery to remove the birthmark... READ MORE

Ear Birthmark Removal Options? (photo)

I have a large black birthmark on my ear is it safe and possible to get it somewhat removed or even lightened? READ MORE

How to get rid of birthmark on buttock?

I have, what I think is a birthmark on one of my buttock cheeks. Its about the size of fingernail and its red. It makes me concious because it is... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for a café au lait birthmark on my cheek? (Photo)

Hi. I'm from Romania, Europe. I have 32 years. I don't know English very well. I have a birthmark, café-au-lait on my left cheek.what kind of laser ... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Birthmark on Cheek?

I have a birthmark on my left cheek, its a hyperpigmentation birthmark and 1inch big, how can i get rid of it? READ MORE

What procedure is required to remove what I believe is a birthmark? (Photo)

Hi I am 19 years old and I have a birthmark on my right butt cheek and another one on my cheek (face), I would like to know how (laser etc.) I can... READ MORE

Flat Brown Dot Mole Inside the Skin Can Laser Remove It?

I have a flat brown dot mole or birthmark inside the skin and was wondering if laser can remove it? is it just like removing a tattoo because they... READ MORE

What Can Be a Treatment for my Birthmark? (photo)

I went to a doctor and he told me i need some sort of needle treatment.... I always thought it would be a laser treatment? READ MORE

What would be my best option for port wine stain birthmark removal?

I have a port wine stain birthmark on my face and around my eye. I had 20 laser procedures on it about 7 years ago and it barely touched it what are... READ MORE

Birthmark around anus. Is there anything that can be done?

Hello, I am trying to remove my birthmark around my butthole. I have been very selfconcious about it for a long time and would like it to be removed.... READ MORE

Large Cafe Au Lait Birthmark on Shoulder. Removal Options? (photo)

Hi, I have a large cafe au lait birthmark on my shoulder since I was a teenager. What are my options to get it removed? READ MORE

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