Moles + Birthmark Removal

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Flat Brown Dot Mole Inside the Skin Can Laser Remove It?

I have a flat brown dot mole or birthmark inside the skin and was wondering if laser can remove it? is it just like removing a tattoo because they... READ MORE

Big birthmark on butt, can it be removed?

I have a dark brown birthmark with specs of moles inside the birthmark on my butt. It's about 18cm long and 7cm in length. I have NF and was wondering... READ MORE

Is my recent birthmark/mole removal healing correctly? (photos)

I got the procedure to remove a large lesion on my forehead on Tuesday 4/28/15 and I was wondering if the swelling is suppose to stay longer than two... READ MORE

I have a birthmark by the entrance of my anus, and what looks like a new mole on my chest. Can I wait 2 months to see a doctor?

I noticed the birthmark near the entrance of my anus months ago, is hasn't grown, and is black but has a hint of blue. The mole on my chest honestly... READ MORE

New mole-like birthmark? (Photo)

A few days ago I noticed a mole like birthmark on my arm and I've been itching it lately without actually noticing I was actually itching it. It's... READ MORE

Birthmark above my lips. Is there a procedure to get rid of this birthmark/flat mole/ hyperpigmentation area? (photos)

I went to the dermatologist and they gave a cream to make it lighter and less visible but it gets lighter than darker and visversa. He took a piece of... READ MORE

How much would it cost and what type of procedure would have to be done in order to get this removed? (photos)

I've had this since I was a kid it's a little raised but mostly flat in not sure if it's a birthmark or a mole. I'm assuming that laser surgery might... READ MORE

Facial Birth mark removal. (photos)

I'm trying to remove 5 birthmarks. They are very little, and I'm not sure wether you guys work with lasers to remove? The moles are on my face, and... READ MORE

What treatments would I need to get rid of these marks on my stomach? (Photos)

One is a light birthmark/ discoloration under my boobs. Can that be treated with lasers? What's an estimate cost? Around my belly button are two... READ MORE

Is this a birth mark or concern for cancer? (Photo)

It started as a birth mark. Every time I got pregnant it just spreads. Last year moles developed and now bumps along with itching and sensitive. READ MORE

i want to get rid of this birthmark mole - please help :( (photo)

I was born with this birth mark (mole like with hair 2-3 cm big) and i want to get it removed- is there a home made remedy at all? if not how much... READ MORE

Laser treatment lightened my mole and I want it back?

I have been receiving laser treatments for a port wine stain since 2008. I had a mole on my face which I loved. My doctor did not take proper... READ MORE

If a doctor prescribed mederma for patient who just had plastic birthmark or mole removal, what would sun exposure do?

Use mederma spf 30 and went out into the sun, what would happen? would they get sunburn and if so, would this kind of sunburn be permanent or would it... READ MORE

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