Laser + Birthmark Removal

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What is the Best Way to Have a Flat Birthmark Removed? Laser or Excision?

I have a birthmark on my lower back that my doctor said is not anything to be alarmed about but is something that we should watch. However, I HATE the... READ MORE

Laser to Treat Syringomas for Half Asian?

I am half Asian and have syringomas around my lower eyes since I can remember. I got them removed once by electrocautery, but they all came back... READ MORE

Which procedure is required to remove the cafe au lait birthmark on my cheek? (Photo)

I want to know if laser works for my birthmark removal or Do i need surgical treatment. I need to know the treatment details including the cost and... READ MORE

Does Laser Treatment Worsen the Appearance of Birthmark?

I have avery large cafe au lait birthmark on my neck, I was considering laser treatment but then I was told that this treatment will only make it look... READ MORE

How Much Does a Birthmark Laser Removal Cost?

I have like 7 birthmarks they are small but in different places in my body. Are doctors going to charge me for ever one ? READ MORE

Is it possible to have my birthmark (nevus spilus) removed? (Photo)

I have been self conscious of my birthmark my entire life and I am desperate to get rid of it. It is about the size of a half dollar. I believe it is... READ MORE

Can a 2 month old baby have laser treatment for strawberry birthmark?

Do those type of birthmark disappear? If yes,how fast? And what tile of doctors perform them? READ MORE

How to get rid of birthmark on buttock?

I have, what I think is a birthmark on one of my buttock cheeks. Its about the size of fingernail and its red. It makes me concious because it is... READ MORE

What procedure is required to remove what I believe is a birthmark? (Photo)

Hi I am 19 years old and I have a birthmark on my right butt cheek and another one on my cheek (face), I would like to know how (laser etc.) I can... READ MORE

What laser option should I used for my cafe au lait?

I had 3 treatments on my cafe au lait with elite c6 caf audio lait hasn't faded at all in fact it looks darker ...what should I do next READ MORE

Neurofibroma birthmarks if removed by any laser or surgery?

Neurofibroma birthmarks if removed by any laser or surgery birthmarks and is diagonosed with neurofibroma.Is there any way to remove these birth marks... READ MORE

Removal of very large cafe au lait spot in face? (photos)

Ive tried laser treatment as a spot test, it only got darker... is there any other treatment for a spot of this kind? READ MORE

Cure for Becker's nevus?

Let's just say laser treatment is not a definite cure for Becker's nevus on the face, will plastic surgery on the face be a better option? Even... READ MORE

I have a cafe au lait birthmark on my upper eyelid, how can I safely remove it with absolutely no chance of scarring?

I have a cafe au lait birthmark on my upper eyelid of about 1cm in diameter and in color of a cafe au lait. A plastic surgeon told me it is unsafe to... READ MORE

is it possible via laser surgery to get my birthmark removed? (Photo)

I searched the web often for similar birthmarks like mine and have not came across anything close that has a before/after comparison. about 6 months... READ MORE

What is the best method of removal for my birthmark? (Photo)

I have a birthmark on my jawline/cheek area. I would like to know if laser treatment would help. I've tried creams, they don't really work. What type... READ MORE

Which Laser Removes Birthmarks (Port Wine) Best on Dark Skin Types?

Which laser removes birthmarks (port wine) best on dark skin types READ MORE

I Have a Bluegreen Birthmark on 60% of my Face: Will Laser Treatment Remove it?

I am an African American woman. Will laser treatments remove it. READ MORE

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