Hemangioma + Birthmark Removal

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Pulsed Dye Laser Risks for a 2-year-old with hemangioma?

My 2-year-old daughter is having a pulsed dye laser treatment on her quarter size hemangioma on her face next week. I am wondering, what are the risks... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove Hemangioma on Scalp?

A birthmark (about size of quarter) is present on the upper rear of the scalp. Possibly hemangioma or sebaceous naevus ? What options are there to... READ MORE

Is this a Strawberry hemangioma? (photos)

Noticed a pin head sized red spot on my son about 8 weeks ago. (He was 8 month at the time) It's grown rapidly since and today looks slightly more... READ MORE

How should my haemangioma be removed?

I have a small haemangioma under my eye. I want it removed quickly but I don't know if I should go with laser or surgery. Could the laser leave a scar... READ MORE

Is plastic surgery the way to go? (Photo)

I want to get rid of my birthmark! Always wanted too since I was a child. I want to get into modeling and that's the only thing that's holding me back... READ MORE

Hemangioma-Port Wine Stain-Sun and hot environment effects, what can I do long-term?

I have hemangioma on my chin, lips, gingiva and left cheek . Over time papular type tuberoses formed on that area. Especially in a warm or hot... READ MORE

How much will it cost to get rid of my vascular strawberry facial birthmark? (Photo)

I have a birthmark on the side of my face and I want to get rid of it. It's really ugly and I cover it with extra makeup every day because it makes me... READ MORE

Birthmark removal (raised hemangioma) (Photo)

Young adult from the U.K. and wondering the cost and what procedure I could get To remove my birthmark. Any help would be appreciated. It is on the my... READ MORE

I had a tip hemangioma on my nose. How long does it take?

I had a tip hemangioma on my nose and they removed it a week a go how long is my nasal tip going be hard / swollen? Can I work or should I wait some... READ MORE

Treatment or surgery to remove birthmark (hemagioma) and reconstruct face? (photos)

I'm a 22-year-old girl from Vietnam. When I was born, I had a red birthmark. My mother took me to a hospital in Vietnam, and doctors used X-ray method... READ MORE

What is the cause of Strawberry Hemangiomas? How can you remove this type of birthmark?

What is the cause of Strawberry Hemangiomas? Can they be removed? READ MORE

How long will it be before I regain sensation in my face, after eye alignment correction?

I just has surgery for a hemangioma under my left eye, after the procedure to remove it, there were no after effects except having double vision.... READ MORE

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