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Removing "Stork Bite" on a 4-year-old?

How can "stork bites" be removed on a 4-year-old child? He has one between eyebrows, and another one on his eyelid. I read it goes away within 2... READ MORE

Can Birthmark on the Face Be Removed?

I really hate this birthmark on my face and it makes me sort of insecure. Can this be removed?   READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove an Angel Kiss Birthmark?

I'm 23 and it has been there half off my life they said it supposed to go away by 2 but it didn't. It's shape like a half moon medium pink between my... READ MORE

White Birth Mark on my Face? (photo)

I have a white birth mark starting from my cheek ending to my bow line, on the right side of my face, Please suggest me a quickly responsive option,... READ MORE

What is the Cure Rate of Cafe Au Lait Spot?

I have a cafe au lait spot on my face. I have treated it with laser for 3 time every three months. It is now two months away from my last treatment... READ MORE

Pulsed Dye Laser Risks for a 2-year-old with hemangioma?

My 2-year-old daughter is having a pulsed dye laser treatment on her quarter size hemangioma on her face next week. I am wondering, what are the risks... READ MORE

Red Birthmark Under Lower Lip, What Do You Recommend?

Dear Medical Specialist, I am Jason Lee. Age 40. I have a red patch of birthmark on my face (under my lower lip). It is flat. reddish in color. size... READ MORE

Birthmark (cafe au lait spots) on face getting darker after several sessions of MedLite laser treatment?

I've this cafe au lait spot of roughly 2x2 cm on my face. I've gone through 4 sessions of medlite laser treatment, and what I've noticed is that the... READ MORE

How to get rid of pigmented birthmark?

I have pigmented birthmark on my face and i need something to get rid of it. i had it since a young age and i find it really annoying. it was a bit... READ MORE

Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for Facial Birthmark?

I have a birthmark on my face that looks like a fairly large pimple, that is the same color as my skin. I want to get it removed, do I go to a... READ MORE

Removal of very large cafe au lait spot in face? (photos)

Ive tried laser treatment as a spot test, it only got darker... is there any other treatment for a spot of this kind? READ MORE

how to remove my birthmark ?

I have a birthmark on left side on my face it has hair also. Near eyes and some parts it is not there .I am having a treatment doctors name it bakers... READ MORE

When should I get my baby's birthmark removed? (Photo)

I have a one year baby whose one side of the face is totally darkened. What is the solution to it? Shall I opt for plastic surgery now or later?? READ MORE

Can my Birthmark Be Removed? (photo)

I've had this birthmark since, well, birth! Lately, I've been looking around for a way to get rid of it. I've visited a clinic that does laser surgery... READ MORE

Cure for Becker's nevus?

Let's just say laser treatment is not a definite cure for Becker's nevus on the face, will plastic surgery on the face be a better option? Even... READ MORE

Recommendations for San Francisco Doctor Who Can Treat Syringomas?

I need a recommendation for a doctor in San Franciso, CA to treat and remove syringomas on my face READ MORE

I Have a Bluegreen Birthmark on 60% of my Face: Will Laser Treatment Remove it?

I am an African American woman. Will laser treatments remove it. READ MORE

I have a white birthmark on my face and neck. Can it be removed? (Photo)

Ive heard lazers and other treatments are available is that true and how much would it cost READ MORE

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