Discoloration + Birthmark Removal

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Treatment for Large Birthmark on Legs?

I have I huge birth mark running down both of my legs. It looks like discolored skin though and I would like to get rid of it. Can you tell me what my... READ MORE

Ear Birthmark Removal Options? (photo)

I have a large black birthmark on my ear is it safe and possible to get it somewhat removed or even lightened? READ MORE

Is it normal to have a birthmark right above my vagina?

I have had this marking since I was a kid. I believe it was around the time I got my period, so maybe age 13. ( I am now 20) I also don't know if this... READ MORE

My Daughters Birthmark Has Changed in Size, Colour and Become Raised. Should I Be Worried?

She was born with a tiny, flat pale brown freckle on her arm. Now she is 14 months old and the birthmark has grown to a third of the width of her arm,... READ MORE

Dark birthmark on leg. Any suggestions?

I have always had this large discolartion on my leg since I was a baby and it covers the entire backside. That's how big it is! It's a few shades... READ MORE

Can you please tell what kind of birthmark this is and how can it be removed? (photo)

It's round discolored and kinda smudged skin, when I was a kid this looked different, it used to be like a lump but it it's flat and now i am really... READ MORE

What treatments would I need to get rid of these marks on my stomach? (Photos)

One is a light birthmark/ discoloration under my boobs. Can that be treated with lasers? What's an estimate cost? Around my belly button are two... READ MORE

I Have a Birthmark I Cant Identify and Get Rid of? (photo)

Hi i have birthmark Its flat, scattered , stayed after Pubrity, darker than my natural complexion, bleach cream Hydroquinone 4% doesn't work. I was... READ MORE

Cafe birthmark, laser treatment or cream? (photos)

I have a large dark spot on my stomach, I have gotten the "frozen" treatment done twice which burned afterwards and the skin peeled off.. this left my... READ MORE

What's this "thing" is on my head (birthmark?). Is there any way to remove it? (photo)

Its like a birthmark but like a smudge thin skin, its round and discolored READ MORE

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