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How to Remove a Pigmented Birthmark on Cheek?

I have a birthmark on my right cheek. I don't know what kind of birthmark is that but it looks like a pigmentation. How can I remove it? READ MORE

How to lighten cafe au lait birthmark? (Photo)

Im 18 and I have a little birthmark between my cheek and my mouth. The inside of the mark has those little dotted birthmarks (idk what they're called)... READ MORE

Nevus of Ota? (photo)

Hi , my 17 year old daughter has neavus of ota on her forehead and left cheek , we have tried the co2 laser 3 times with no sucess at all. Can you... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Birthmark on Cheek?

I have a birthmark on my left cheek, its a hyperpigmentation birthmark and 1inch big, how can i get rid of it? READ MORE

Removing Cafe Au Lait Birthmark?

I have a cafe au lait birthmark on the right side of my cheek, I have tried laser surgery, about 5-7 different times with the same doctor, but nothing... READ MORE

Is this a standing cone deformity, and will it ever go away? (photos)

Ten months ago I had a surgery to remove part if a large birthmark from my cheek, im fine with the scar but it left a lump at the bottom if the cheek... READ MORE

I would like to talk to a doctor about removing the hairy nevus on my left cheek.

I have had the hairy nevus on my left cheek since birth. Over the school years I would be bullied for it. I am now 14 and would like to start high... READ MORE

My 8 year son has a raised nevus on his cheek. Will he be left with a scar?

We would like to have it removed but our concern is the scar it will leave on his cheek. How do you choose a plastic surgeon to do this? Pediatric or... READ MORE

What is the best method of removal for my birthmark? (Photo)

I have a birthmark on my jawline/cheek area. I would like to know if laser treatment would help. I've tried creams, they don't really work. What type... READ MORE

Any suggestions on hairy birthmark on my cheek? (photos)

Hi! I would like to know if this birthmark is removable (completely) and how much will it cost? Its on my cheek and is about the size of a thumbprint.... READ MORE

Can this birthmark be removed ? (photo)

I have a birthmark on my right cheek , it's not raised and is really light compared to others I've seen . I'm 27 years old READ MORE

What are these dry patches on my birthmark?

I have a large port wine stain on my cheek and chin. I've never had any problems with it before now (I had laser as a child which faded it... READ MORE

How do I remove a lighter pigment birthmark on my face?

I am African American and I've had a 3" round circular shape birthmark on my cheek that is lighter than my facial skin tone since I was born. The... READ MORE

Best way of removing a smaller than dime Cafe au Lait birthmark? (photos)

I have a small Cafe au lait birthmark on my cheek and it really bothers me so I'm going to have it removed but not sure if I should have it surgically... READ MORE

How long does it takes to get rid of Nevus of Ota? (photo)

Hi doc I have nevus of ota on my left side of my face and had 3 sessions done but still look same as before treatment they used yag laser READ MORE

At What Age Do You Suggest That One Removes Cafe Au Lait Birthmarks?is It Safe to Remove at 6years Old

Hi my son has got a brown birthmark on his cheek, he is still 6 years old is it safe to remove it at this age? how many treatments would he need and... READ MORE

Do I Need a Surgery to Remove Light White Birthmark on Cheek?

I have a light white birthmark on my left cheek since birth. It is not growing. I cover it with light skin tone foundation and blush on and it looks... READ MORE

Cafe au lait birthmark on cheek: Is the laser treatment working? (Photo)

Hellob. I have cafe ay lait birthmark on my right cheek and I did laser treatment using q switched laser and the doctor told me that he wanna see me... READ MORE

How Much Will It Cost for Me to Get my Birthmarks Removed?

I've got a small birth mark on my check and one right near my eye and a large one that covers most of my right side of my neck. READ MORE

I have a birthmark of hypopigmentation origin on my left cheek. Can you suggest how to get rid of it? (Photo)

It is since childhood but i am really ashamed of it now that i have reached an age of marriage should i treat it or should i go for a fairness... READ MORE

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