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What Is The Best Treatment Option To Lighten a Port Wine Stain Birthmark on Dark Skin?

Hello I was just wondering if someone with dark skin tone with a portwine stain birthmark is able to get laser treatment done on their skin to make... READ MORE

Big white colored birthmark on face. How can I treat it? (Photo)

How can I treat the white coloured birth Mark on my 8 year old girl who didn't have at birth but appeared at 6 months of age. Kindly suggest treatment... READ MORE

Can this be removed and if so how much will it cost me? (Photo)

I don't know much about this except that I want it gone. READ MORE

I have this birthmark, and wondering if it was possible to be removed? It is directly under my eye and about 9 cm wide (Photo)

I have visited a dermatologist and plastic surgeon.The dermatologist said that if he removed it,it would cause my eye to stretch downward and possibly... READ MORE

Can I get my birthmark removed or even lighten up a little?

I have a birthmark on the right side of my chest.It covers up half my chest and I'm very insecure about it, it is dark in color and very patchy. I'm... READ MORE

I have a birthmark exactly around my right eye, can this can be removed? (Photo)

Birthmark is exactly around my right eye, you see that in the picture, can this be treated? Removed? READ MORE

Is my birthmark removable? (Photo)

I have 3 different skin colors in both of my arms my chest and my back . I never seen anything similar. It is the ugliest birthmark I ever seen .... READ MORE

Is plastic surgery the way to go? (Photo)

I want to get rid of my birthmark! Always wanted too since I was a child. I want to get into modeling and that's the only thing that's holding me back... READ MORE

How can I remove my birthmark on my right leg? (Photo)

I am very self conscious about it and I want it gone so I do have to feel like I need to hide it. READ MORE

Can my birthmark be removed from my neck? (Photo)

The birthmark I have under my neck is a couple of skin tones lighter than my usual skin. I get very self-conscious when I'm walking around and see... READ MORE

I have NF1. I also have alot of birthmarks, some big and some small. Can they all be removed?

I have tons of birthmarks. Some big and some small. I also have them under my armpits and on vagina. The majority of them.are pretty small can i have... READ MORE

Red Birthmark Removal options? (Photo)

Is there any way to get rid of it ? and to actually stop worrying about it specially when getting a hair cut READ MORE

Can my birthmark be removed? How? Plastic surgeon or dermatologist? Cost? What kind of procedure? Opinions? Outcome? (Photo)

I've had this since I was born. I learned to embrace being different and accepted it the best I could, but im concerned because it keeps getting... READ MORE

Would it be possible to remove this birthmark and how? (Photo)

I have had this birthmark since birth, now I'm 15 and I really want to removed as it is large, dark, and very noticeable on my leg making me... READ MORE

I'm 18 years old, is it possible to permanently remove my birthmark and how much would it cost? (Photo)

I believe it is a hairy nevus birthmark. I have had it since birth, and it poses no health issues. I would like to get it removed because I have... READ MORE

Can my giant hairy birthmark be removed? (Photo)

I had shaved it several times and it seems not to help. The hair gets thicker and rougher. In-grown hairs also seem to occur. The mark covers majority... READ MORE

I have a birthmark of hypopigmentation origin on my left cheek. Can you suggest how to get rid of it? (Photo)

It is since childhood but i am really ashamed of it now that i have reached an age of marriage should i treat it or should i go for a fairness... READ MORE

Birthmark removal (raised hemangioma) (Photo)

Young adult from the U.K. and wondering the cost and what procedure I could get To remove my birthmark. Any help would be appreciated. It is on the my... READ MORE

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