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What is the Best Way to Have a Flat Birthmark Removed? Laser or Excision?

I have a birthmark on my lower back that my doctor said is not anything to be alarmed about but is something that we should watch. However, I HATE the... READ MORE

Want to Remove a Large Brown Birthmark on the Back with Hair?

I'm Asian, has a large brown birthmark on my back with hair. It's like roughly 1/4 of the size of my back. My mother said it was a small spot when I... READ MORE

How to get rid of big black birthmark (nevus) on back, shoulders, chest, neck, arm (upper arm), armpit and waist? (Photo)

I have big black birthmark on my back, neck , shoulders , chest , arm(upper arm) , armpit , waist and it is the mother birthmark it has little soft... READ MORE

How can I remove this birthmark? (Photo)

I have a black mark on my arm and my back side and front side when i am small this is not big but now is growing. Plzz says a soloution. READ MORE

I have a very large brown birthmark across the front of my body to back, can it be removed? (photo)

Hello, I hope someone can help, I actually don't know why I haven't visited a specialist about this yet, but I will do soon. I just wanted ask can... READ MORE

Is it safe to do plastic surgery on a 6 month old baby?

My son is 6 month old, and he haves a black birth mark on his back. The doctors say that they want to remove it this week, with plastic surgery. READ MORE

Is my birthmark removable? (Photo)

I have 3 different skin colors in both of my arms my chest and my back . I never seen anything similar. It is the ugliest birthmark I ever seen .... READ MORE

Can this Mongolian birthmark be removed completely or reduced drastically? What are the treatments available for it? (photo)

I have this big mongolian birthmark on the left side of my back since birth, it stretches all the way to my left collarbone area and shoulder. It has... READ MORE

Can the black birthmark on my back be removed?

I am currently 14 years old this year and since I was born, I have a very big and oval birthmark on my top left side of my back . I told my mum that I... READ MORE

What kind of birthmark is this and can it be removed? (photos)

I've read online that some birthmarks are removable and some are not. I'm considered more on what kind of birthmark it is and whether it can be... READ MORE

Birth mark... What is it called ? How to get it removed ? (photos)

Hello, I have a birth mark on my back and it really bothers me, I would love to wear open-back dresses or shirts and tank tops but never could. It... READ MORE

Have a large birthmark that covers chest, right hand, and back, is it possible to diminish it? What are the costs? (photo)

I have a big birth mark which cover my chest, right hand and back .It is dark red in color .Is it possible to diminish it?If yes ,then how much it... READ MORE

I have a café au lait type birthmark that I would like to get removed. How do I do it? And how much? (Photo)

My birthmark is very large. It covers my whole right breast and goes around to halfway around my back. It also has a lot of small and big dark spots... READ MORE

I'm 16, male, and I have a birthmark from my mid back to bottom. I feel embarrassed to show my body. Can it be removed?

Like said I'm 16 year old boy I feel embarrassed when I go swimming I don't take my shirt off and at footy training if we have no shirts I always have... READ MORE

Cafe Au Lait birthmark

My back area from neck to hips how can i remove this without laser treatment kindly suggest me a good cream kindly help me the mark is increasing from... READ MORE

Can Cafe-au-lait spots be treated if they cover all of my backside, part of my front right-side and neck? If yes, how?

When i was 4yo i was severely dehydrated. As a reaction my skin was affected, and changed the otherwise spotless fair skin, which i now identify as... READ MORE

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