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What is the Best Way to Have a Flat Birthmark Removed? Laser or Excision?

I have a birthmark on my lower back that my doctor said is not anything to be alarmed about but is something that we should watch. However, I HATE the... READ MORE

Want to Remove a Large Brown Birthmark on the Back with Hair?

I'm Asian, has a large brown birthmark on my back with hair. It's like roughly 1/4 of the size of my back. My mother said it was a small spot when I... READ MORE

How to get rid of big black birthmark (nevus) on back, shoulders, chest, neck, arm (upper arm), armpit and waist? (Photo)

I have big black birthmark on my back, neck , shoulders , chest , arm(upper arm) , armpit , waist and it is the mother birthmark it has little soft... READ MORE

I have a very large brown birthmark across the front of my body to back, can it be removed? (photo)

Hello, I hope someone can help, I actually don't know why I haven't visited a specialist about this yet, but I will do soon. I just wanted ask can... READ MORE

How can I remove this birthmark? (Photo)

I have a black mark on my arm and my back side and front side when i am small this is not big but now is growing. Plzz says a soloution. READ MORE

Can the black birthmark on my back be removed?

I am currently 14 years old this year and since I was born, I have a very big and oval birthmark on my top left side of my back . I told my mum that I... READ MORE

Is my birthmark removable? (Photo)

I have 3 different skin colors in both of my arms my chest and my back . I never seen anything similar. It is the ugliest birthmark I ever seen .... READ MORE

Is it safe to do plastic surgery on a 6 month old baby?

My son is 6 month old, and he haves a black birth mark on his back. The doctors say that they want to remove it this week, with plastic surgery. READ MORE

Birthmark removal! When am I able to have a few beers or wine?

Hi, today I had my birthmark removed from my back, about a 4" incision. I was not put under for this procedure, the area was just numbed. I was... READ MORE

I'm 16, male, and I have a birthmark from my mid back to bottom. I feel embarrassed to show my body. Can it be removed?

Like said I'm 16 year old boy I feel embarrassed when I go swimming I don't take my shirt off and at footy training if we have no shirts I always have... READ MORE

I have a café au lait type birthmark that I would like to get removed. How do I do it? And how much? (Photo)

My birthmark is very large. It covers my whole right breast and goes around to halfway around my back. It also has a lot of small and big dark spots... READ MORE

Cafe Au Lait birthmark

My back area from neck to hips how can i remove this without laser treatment kindly suggest me a good cream kindly help me the mark is increasing from... READ MORE

Can Cafe-au-lait spots be treated if they cover all of my backside, part of my front right-side and neck? If yes, how?

When i was 4yo i was severely dehydrated. As a reaction my skin was affected, and changed the otherwise spotless fair skin, which i now identify as... READ MORE

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