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Can Bio-Alcamid Be Removed?

Can bio alcamid be removed from the area between the nose and the upper lip? It is very bulky and has pulled down my upper lip. Can you pls. advise... READ MORE

Bio Alcamid Removal?

Hello, I was injected with Bio Alcamid about 9 years ago to the area of my cheekbone on one side. Recently a doctor (the best in my country for that... READ MORE

Why Wait to Have Chin Implants After Bio-Alcamid Removal?

I had injected bio-alcamid a year ago in an attempt to project my chin. I wasn't happy with the results. Last week, I asked my surgeon for a chin... READ MORE

Satisfied About Bio Alcamid, Now What?

Dear Sir/Madam, About 8 years ago, I had Bio Alcamid injections in the cheek-area. I have to say that I never had any complaints at all. I am very... READ MORE

Can bio alcamid be removed from my face?

Can bio alcamid be removed from my face ? It is very bulky ,Can you pls. advise on the best way of removal? and the best doctor do that in uk , thank... READ MORE

Bio-Alcamid filler removal. Please, it's urgent. Which is the right technique?

Hi I had a bio alcamid filler for the last 8 years in my face and now I'm facing a severe inflammation and I have to remove it. Two doctors r ok to do... READ MORE

Can you remove bio alcamid from the lips?

I had bio alcamid injected into my lips 8 years ago. Now I have big, noticeable lumps on my upper and lower lip and lost part of my mobility when I... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Bio alcamid infection?

Hi I did s bio so amid removal and my cheek got infected after a week with antibiotic nothing got changed a doctor here in Dubai injected me with a... READ MORE

Seeking qualified Plastic Surgeon with experience removing permanent filler

Filler is Bio Alcamid - injected in cheeks and NLF. Will travel anywhere. Photos available upon request will be sent privately. Thanks in advance for... READ MORE

BIo Alcamid filler in lips. Doctors in Buffalo, NY?

I had bio alcamid in my lips 6 years ago ,and now some granulomas formed.i would like to remove it .I,m looking for doctor near BUffalo NY.. READ MORE

Bio alcamid in lips nightmare! 9 years on. (photos)

In 2008, after a close friend's beautiful results with bio alcamid lip fillers, I went to the exact same doctor for the procedure. Things started off... READ MORE

Can 5mHz Multipolar RF be used to remove fluid from Capsulr

7 years ago had Bio Alcamid put into cheek bones. was delighted.Tthen had a tooth abscess, Dentist tried to stop it with antibiotics, but didn't work.... READ MORE

Scar tissue caused by permanent fillers removal. Is there any solution to this? (Photo)

I had Bio Alchmid (permenent fillers) injected all over my face 10 years ago. I went to many doctors over the years since it caused infections and... READ MORE

I'm two days after removal of bio alcamid. What should I expect?

I'm two days after removal of bio alcamid from the area between the nose and the upper lip, in the left side (Was injected 12 years ago) . Now all the... READ MORE

Bio-Alcamid permanent fillers removal options?

Hi some 11 years ago I was unfortunate enough to have Bio-Alcamid permanent fillers injected in my cheeks.I started ageing where my face started to... READ MORE

Removing bioalcamid from the upper lip?

I had a small amount injection of bioalcamid filler in my upper lip and I would like to remove, is there a proper way to remove it in Italy where I... READ MORE

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