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Is Bio Alcamid a Good Permanent Filler?

I really don't like fillers that have to be repeated constantly. Through time, I have seen a "dragging" effect on friends of mine; likewise with Botox... READ MORE

Bio Alcamid for Forehead Augmentation?

I'm Asian female in my 20's, I have a flat forehead and am considering to go to Korea for a forehead implant augmentation with a custom made silicone... READ MORE

Can Bio Alcamid Migrate?

Can you tell me if what you have written about Artefill also applies to Bio Alcamid? I was told that this does not migrate as a capsule forms around... READ MORE

Is Bio Alcamid Safe for Long Term? Is There Anything Better/Safer?

Hi, I am considering getting Bio Alcamid injected along my jawline and in my chin because I want a more contoured/ defined chin and jaw. I have a bit... READ MORE

Cheek Augmentation with Bio Alcamid

Dear doctors, What do you think about bio alcamid regarding cheek augmentation. My surgeon is offering me that procedure after removing my infected... READ MORE

Is Chin Augmentation Using Bio-Alcamid Safe?

I have asked my surgeon about using Bio-alcamid for chin augmentation and he told me that there is no problem. However, he advise me to do chin... READ MORE

Can Lifestyle Lift Be Done After Having Bio-Alcamid Put in Cheeks?

I had Bio Alcamid permanent injections put into my cheeks a couple of years ago. Now I am interested in the lifestyle lift, but not sure if that can... READ MORE

Bio-alcamid or Silicone Injections for Acne Scars?

Hello, would Bio-alcamid or Silicone injections work on the chest and back of a person with acne scarring? The scars are not raised and look like they... READ MORE

Chin Augmentation and Bioalcamid

I am considering chin augmentation but almost 5 years ago I had bioalcamid in my lips. After I had it done I heard a lot of horror stories about... READ MORE

Is Bio Alcamid safe for the cosmetic treatment of pectus excavatum?

I've heard there can be complications with use of bio alcamid but all of such issues were reported when it was used on face rather than chest. So is... READ MORE

Bio-Alcamid. Can 5mHz Multipolar RF device be safely used to remove excess fluid in implant?

Can 5mHz Multipolar RF device be safely used to remove excess fluid in implant READ MORE

Bio Alcamid treatment?

Hi I from Turkey Hulya on my face I'm in Turkey and the care Dr. bioalcamid. does anyone know how it will be because of bioalcamid? There's a lot of... READ MORE

UK Bio-Alcamid Removal Doctor Recommendations

Can anybody recommend to me a good doctor in UK who has experience with Bio-Alcamid? The filler has migrated to my eyes, causing my sight to be... READ MORE

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