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Belotero For Horizontal Forehead Wrinkles?

Since the filler Belotero comes in a softer version would it be appropriate for the static wrinkles that Boxox does not help. Also when any... READ MORE

Dr. What can I do about wrinkles that are now more prominent under my eyes since having an under eye filler 2 weeks ago? (photo)

Hello Dr. I'm 46 but now I feel I look 86. I had 40 units of botox injected around my eyes for crows feet and a full syringe of Beletero under eye... READ MORE

Belotero for Under Eye Creases? (photo)

I got belotero 3 days ago to treat a crease I was born with under both eyes. The creases haven't subsided very much, but now I'm swollen and it looks... READ MORE

I had belotero injected 3 days ago and have seen no changes at all. Is this normal? I've read others see immediate results.

I had belotero injected 3 days ago. I have absolutely no brusing but also no results. My hollow dark circles are still here along with my wrinkles... READ MORE

Was belotero indicated? What is too much filler.

I noticed bags right under my eyes with big smiles only, the skin is tight and wrinkle free at rest. I mentioned it to the dermatologist and he... READ MORE

When do the bags, dark circles and wrinkles go away after I had Belotero injected in eye trough area?

I had my eye trough area injected with Belotero by a San Francisco doctor 4 months ago and it ruined my eyes. I am now left with huge indentations,... READ MORE

‚ÄčI have a black eye and increased wrinkles after Belotero & Juvaderm, is this normal?

I had belotero injections under my eyes and Juvederm Ultra injected to "lift" up my cheeks 3 weeks ago. I now sport a black eye that looks more... READ MORE

Belotero reaction 12 days after? (photos)

I had Belotero put under my eyes 12 days ago. They looked great until a few days ago, they started looking puffy, then the next day looked red, very... READ MORE

Does Belotero work for wrist creases?

The wrinkles around wrist creases bother me most (I am almost 40). Does Belotero help with this area? READ MORE

Once you fill under the eye with Belotero, will you have to keep filling? If not, will eye bags be heavier or wrinkle?

Dr's input about my eye darkeness,shadow (eyebag?).Not sure if my tired face look is because I'm tired or just my life style, or perhaphs my age,... READ MORE

Under eye hollows now under eye bags with Boletero. Any suggestions?

I had hollows under my eyes and wrinkles and slight bunching when smiling. I got Bolotero under eyes and now I have bags. I can not afford to have the... READ MORE

Follow up to previous question: I appreciate all the great advice . I didn't have the wrinkles I have now when I smile. (photo)

I was smiling in both pics but they aren't the best pics since I was planning to do before after pics I just used what I could find of the day before... READ MORE

Follow-up Question - Tyndall or Injector? (photos)

Per my previous mail, below will show you the results from my filler (under eye) injection to help determine whether this may be tyndall related or... READ MORE

Is there anything besides a filler that can treat hollows under the eyes?

I am 66 years old and have good skin. People think I am in my 40's. I do have hollowing under my eyes. Also, when I smile my cheeks raise up a lot. I... READ MORE

Belotero Absorption-Will the small amount of product used mean that it's absorbed quicker?

I had Belotero injected four weeks ago to the tear trough area (1/4 syringe maximum was used on each tear trough with cannula). Botox was also... READ MORE

Can Beletero be used successfully to eliminate vehicle lip lines that have returned after 7 year old Juvaderm injections?

I had Juvaderm injections 7 years ago to get rid of the vertical lip lines on the upper lip. I never wanted any lip enhancement just elimination of... READ MORE

I had Belotero Balance done under both eyes 2 weeks ago, when will the swelling and wrinkles decrease? Is this normal?

I had filling done under both eyes I was injected deep with .75 ml belotero balance, it has been two weeks since than I have is this experience d... READ MORE

What clinics in California have successfully completed Belotero for tear trough injections?

I am only in my 20s and I have deepset static and dynamic under eye wrinkles from smiling in my tear trough area. I definitely do not want to receive... READ MORE

I want to get Belotero for my static horizontal forehead wrinkles. Is it possible this can flare up shingles pain in my body?

I Have Deep Forehead Wrinkles But Do Not Want Botox Because I Have Severe Nervous System Issues.I Got Shingles 2.5 Years Ago & It Wreaked Havocon... READ MORE

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