Under Eye Bags + Belotero

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Puffiness under Eyes after Belotero. Will it go away? (Photo)

I just had belotero for under eye bags and wrinkles yesterday. One side is bruised but the other side is Puffy in a half moon shape. Does this look... READ MORE

Did I had too much filler to get under eye bags now? (photos)

It's been 48 hours since I got one syringe of belotero under my eyes for slight hollowing and tired looking eyes. I now look much older then before... READ MORE

Belotero for Under Eye Creases? (photo)

I got belotero 3 days ago to treat a crease I was born with under both eyes. The creases haven't subsided very much, but now I'm swollen and it looks... READ MORE

4 days post op Belotero, is my eyes swollen or is it the product? (photos)

I got one syringe of belotero under my eyes 4days ago. I had no bags just slightly hollow tired looking eyes. I now have puffy bags. READ MORE

Dermal fillers. Is this just something with me?

I had juvaderm in June for under eye bags. Worked well. Within .2 months it was gone. Had belotero done in September, didn't look as good only helped... READ MORE

When do the bags, dark circles and wrinkles go away after I had Belotero injected in eye trough area?

I had my eye trough area injected with Belotero by a San Francisco doctor 4 months ago and it ruined my eyes. I am now left with huge indentations,... READ MORE

I had Belotero injected for Eye trough 3 months ago, initially looked improved

2 to 3 weeks later it began to look like I have bag under my eyes, the look has not changed. What's injection technique wrong? How long will this last? READ MORE

‚ÄčI have a black eye and increased wrinkles after Belotero & Juvaderm, is this normal?

I had belotero injections under my eyes and Juvederm Ultra injected to "lift" up my cheeks 3 weeks ago. I now sport a black eye that looks more... READ MORE

After a first filler procedure for under-eye bags, is it best to underfill than overfill, and go back to get a touch-up?

I had a under eye appt filler injection with boletero today, and I just dont see the effects of it. (2 hours after injection) Will I need to get... READ MORE

Under eye hollows now under eye bags with Boletero. Any suggestions?

I had hollows under my eyes and wrinkles and slight bunching when smiling. I got Bolotero under eyes and now I have bags. I can not afford to have the... READ MORE

Bags under eyes after Belotero? (Photo)

I had Belotero injections yesterday for tear trough. Initially it looked very full and smooth, but this morning I woke up to this (see photo). There... READ MORE

Belotero Absorption-Will the small amount of product used mean that it's absorbed quicker?

I had Belotero injected four weeks ago to the tear trough area (1/4 syringe maximum was used on each tear trough with cannula). Botox was also... READ MORE

Do I have true eye bags? (photos)

I seem to be very focused on my under eye area for about a year now, I had boletero 1 syringe placed in Oct. Now thinking about more? Would I benefit... READ MORE

I just had Belotero injected under both of my eyes. Now I have red creases. Is this normal?

I just had Belotero injected under my eyes to help with bags. Now I have two red creases extending into my cheek is this normal? READ MORE

Will ugly bags under my eyes will disappear? 2 weeks after belotero. (photo)

Previously I sent my photo after 5 days of fillers done.Bow is 13 days & I got still under ugly bags.Doctor used 0.3- 0.4 milieter of BOLOTERO... READ MORE

I had belotero placed under my eyes about a month ago. The bruising has went away but now I'm left with bags undereyes? (Photo)

I went from having severe hallowness to having severe bags. Is this normal, nearly a moth after receiving fillers? What can be done to resolve the... READ MORE

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