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Crepey, Scaly Skin After Superficial Injection of Belotero 2 Weeks Ago?

I had Belotero injected superficially in the tear troughs two weeks ago. One eye is still bruised and swollen and the other is slightly puffy. I am... READ MORE

Belotero in Lips. Differences W/ Juvederm and Personal Question?

Been using Juvederm in lips for 4 years & always touched up before baseline. I waited a year as some filler remained, & was touched up w/a... READ MORE

Can you get a reaction from Belotero one month after injection? (photo)

When I had Belotero injected for the fine lines in my lips, I had initial bruising, and was happy with the results. However, one month later, I... READ MORE

Belotero Was Injected over 5 Months Ago Onto my Cheeks and I Am Still Swollen Under my Eyes? (photo)

Over months ago i had 1/2 syringe injected of Belotero into my cheeks it was done with a Cannula and i still have, what looks like edema or water... READ MORE

Is this normal for Belotero in tear troughs? (photos)

Hello , I had belotero injected into my tear troughs on March 25. I went back a week later because it looks like I have two pockets under my eyes and... READ MORE

I had belotero basic injected under my tear troughs almost 2 month ago. Does it look ok? (photos)

It's less swollen than 2 month ago but still, I feel like an alien... any idea what i can do? is there too much filler injected? It's been one... READ MORE

4 days post op Belotero, is my eyes swollen or is it the product? (photos)

I got one syringe of belotero under my eyes 4days ago. I had no bags just slightly hollow tired looking eyes. I now have puffy bags. READ MORE

Is Boletero in my tear troughs migrated or just swollen? (photos)

5 days ago I received Boletero in my tear troughs. It is my first experience with fillers. So far I have these weird white lumps beneath my tear... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Belotero under eye. Do you think this was just a botch job by the PA or should I stay away from fillers?

I received Belotero under eye filler 2 weeks ago. Immediately one of my eyes got swollen and black. I looked like I had been punched in the eye. I... READ MORE

Lumps after belotero, (photo)

I got one full styringe of belotero on my lips . I have had juvidern before from the same doctor and I had a lump that would not go away - had to have... READ MORE

Can belotero be reversed?

After 10 days my eyes are still very swollen. Can a cold compress applied to the eye help? READ MORE

Random swelling 1-3 months following Belotero lip injections. What is going on? What can I do going forward? Part 3 (photos)

Swelling stopped 4 months following the belotero injections. I got juvaderm yesterday 1cc. The same day swelling far worse than that of the belotero i... READ MORE

Are vertical raised lines of filler normal a few hours post op of Belotero above my upper lip?

I had one syringe of Belotero injected today above my upper lip for a few fine lines and creases. ( I was so swollen from the anesthetic!) Now that... READ MORE

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