Puffy Eyes + Belotero

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Under Eyes Puffy After Belotero?

Hello, I hade Belotero injected rather superficially under the eyes a week ago. It is still puffy. Will this go down on its own or can Belotero have... READ MORE

Is this acne, bruising and swelling normal?

I had my 1st injection of belotero to the tear troughs 11days ago. The clinic I attend do 2sessions -they put in half the amount needed before... READ MORE

Is Hyaluronidase for Boletero Safe and Effective? Or Can It Cause More Problems? (photo)

I have dark puffy bags under my eyes since getting boletero. Is hyaluronidase a safe way to dissolve them or can it cause more problems? I'm weighing... READ MORE

4 days post op Belotero, is my eyes swollen or is it the product? (photos)

I got one syringe of belotero under my eyes 4days ago. I had no bags just slightly hollow tired looking eyes. I now have puffy bags. READ MORE

Crying 3 weeks after Belotero treatment. Could the filler have migrated from crying?

I had Belotero injected four weeks ago to the tear trough area with a cannula (1/4 syringe maximum on each tear trough). I also had a small amount of... READ MORE

I had Belotero injected 10 days ago. Do you think the puffy and saggy look will go away? (photo)

You can't really tell, but the eye with the bruise has the long looking bag under it. The other eye seems to have the same; however, it doesn't stand... READ MORE

5 days ago I had 1 syringe of Beltoro injected under each eye and have puffy bags under them. (photos)

5 days ago I had 1 syringe of Beltoro injected under each eye and now have puffy bags under them. They feel like "water bags" and are very noticeable.... READ MORE

Boletero Placed 6 Weeks Ago Caused Bags Under Eyes. Will They Go Away on Their Own?

I had boletero placed under my eyes 6 weeks ago. I had black eyes for nearly 3 weeks & now 6 weeks later I have dark circles/puffiness under my... READ MORE

What can be done at this point to get me back to at least my old self? Very unhappy (Photo)

I had boloterro injected almost five weeks ago under my eyes. Significant bruising on my left eye (still present at the five week mark) and right eye... READ MORE

Belotero reaction 12 days after? (photos)

I had Belotero put under my eyes 12 days ago. They looked great until a few days ago, they started looking puffy, then the next day looked red, very... READ MORE

Is 2 days all I have to sleep on my back without fear of flattening the fillers?

If you have puffy eyes that get better throughout the day, should I be worried I got Boletero? 1 syringe was used for both eyes. Also got Voluma done... READ MORE

I have very puffy bags under my eyes. One is worse than the other. I had Belotero 11 days ago - these bags were not here before.

Eyes are puffy and big bags from belotero under eyes. It's been 11 days- is this fixable? Dr. Suggested saline to correct. I was nervous & said no-... READ MORE

Belotero/Juvederm = bad reaction. Help!

I had Juviderm injected a year ago and the Dr was going to dissolve just 'the tiniest bit'. Dr did some Belotero yesterday and I'm having a pretty bad... READ MORE

Under eye filler?

In the past before fat I have had Juvederm and restylene injected. So a few weeks ago I had beletero injected. The injector thought I wanted to add... READ MORE

Belotero eye fillers. What is the cause of this puffiness?

I had belotero eye fillers 3 wks ago. every thing went fine no bruising or swelling but now my left eye had puffed under neath. what is the cause if... READ MORE

Do you think I've chance to get it fixed? Looks swollen & ugly to me. 4/25/15. How can I be better?Please? (Photo)

Do u think I have chances to get it fixed after do long. My right eye always looks puffy, like I got punched or haven't slept.like inflammation. Stuff... READ MORE

0.5 Belotero under my eyes seven months ago. Will this puffiness go away?

My eyes are now puffy I had it dissolve two times it still looks puffy will this go away READ MORE

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