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Lips Randomly Swell After Belotero? (photo)

I had belotero lip filler about two months ago. After the initial swelling went down (7-10 days) everything looked great and was fine. However since... READ MORE

Belotero in Lips. Differences W/ Juvederm and Personal Question?

Been using Juvederm in lips for 4 years & always touched up before baseline. I waited a year as some filler remained, & was touched up w/a... READ MORE

I had a lip filler yesterday (Belotero Intense), and last night I smoked weed with a friend. Can it cause any side effects?

I am now really concerned that it may have side effects on my lip outcome. Can smoking/ smoking weed straight after have any effect? I'm paranoid (no... READ MORE

The Difference in Belotero Strengths?

From what I understand, Belotero comes in 3 different forms - intense, basic, soft - which formula is best for which areas? Especially interested in... READ MORE

Can you get a reaction from Belotero one month after injection? (photo)

When I had Belotero injected for the fine lines in my lips, I had initial bruising, and was happy with the results. However, one month later, I... READ MORE

I have balls in lips after Belotero. Any suggestions?

Week post fillers, I was told that my lips would be lumpy for a couple of days but I have 4 balls of filler (im presuming) where these have been... READ MORE

Too Soon to Inject Lips Again with Different Product?

Hello. I had Belotero injected into my lips and Radiesse in cheeks and in folds in May. I liked the results after 3 weeks of bruising healed but I... READ MORE

Could lip injections correct my wide Cupid's bow? (Photo)

My Cupid's bow is very wide, and my upper lip sits a little low for my liking. Would lip injectibles like Belotero or Restalyne Silk be able to... READ MORE

I had my lips done using belotero two days ago. And they're uneven. (photos)

My lips are uneven very noticeably. One side drops, and is really uneven. What has caused this and what can be done? READ MORE

Belotero lip injection HUGE lump. Any suggestions?

I got my lips injected yesterday, only half a syringe. My friends have done it before too but nothing happened with them, i have a couply small bumps... READ MORE

A week or two after getting my lips injected w/ Belotero my upper lip started to swell up, only on one side of my mouth. (photo)

The swelling felt hot and it was very evident in appearance. What's happening & why? In addition, around the same time, about 2 weeks after initial... READ MORE

Any risk of nerve damage from a dental block or cheek fillers?

I would like to get cheek fillers and lip fillers. My injector doctor wants to do a dental block for Belotero for lips. Should I be concerned about... READ MORE

Belotero Intense, Theosysal or Juvederm for Lips on Young Woman? (photos)

I have the opportunity to have either Belotero Intense, Theosysal or Juvederm with my cosmetic surgeon to enhance my lips. I have never thought of... READ MORE

Belotero injection concerns, bruising and huge lump. Any suggestions?

I had top lip Belotero injection yesterday and now I have a lump in top of lip and left upper lip bigger ( I did not have lip itself injected) and... READ MORE

Random swelling 1-3 months following Belotero lip injections. What is going on? What can I do going forward? Part 2

Continuation of previous post. The swelling never lasted more 3 hours, with the exception of the one time my entire top lip swelling. I saw a plastic... READ MORE

Random swelling 1-3 months following Belotero lip injections. What is going on? What can I do going forward? Part 1

I've seen others post about this issue. I'm looking for the source of the problem, and the treatment options other than using an enzyme to get rid of... READ MORE

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