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Should I expect bruising and swelling after Belotero fillers?

Due to excitement about finding a fix for my hollow-looking eyes I completely forgot to ask some important questions about Belotero filler for under... READ MORE

Can Belotero Be Used in Crows Feet Without Migrating to the Lower Eyelids? Also, Can It Be Used in Cheek Hollows?

I had Juvederm under, and around, both eyes for crows feet. It migrated to my lower eyelids causing severe wrinkling and swelling, as well as wrinkles... READ MORE

Did I had too much filler to get under eye bags now? (photos)

It's been 48 hours since I got one syringe of belotero under my eyes for slight hollowing and tired looking eyes. I now look much older then before... READ MORE

4 days post op Belotero, is my eyes swollen or is it the product? (photos)

I got one syringe of belotero under my eyes 4days ago. I had no bags just slightly hollow tired looking eyes. I now have puffy bags. READ MORE

What is the best treatment for my under eye hollowing? (photos)

Hello, I am a 38/F in the process of looking for the best treatment for my tear trough and under eye hollowing. I've had restalyne in the past, but... READ MORE

Belotero or Juvederm Ultra Plus for filling in cheeks?

I am 21 years old and feel like I have always had a bit of a hollow look in my mid-lower cheeks. I want to get a hyaluronic acid filler in that area,... READ MORE

Under eye hollows now under eye bags with Boletero. Any suggestions?

I had hollows under my eyes and wrinkles and slight bunching when smiling. I got Bolotero under eyes and now I have bags. I can not afford to have the... READ MORE

Booking my Belotero appt. to improve under eye hollows; any tips for the days leading up to the procedure? (Photo)

I'm a 29 yr old with life-long dark circles. Until ~3 years ago I accepted them by using tons of concealer & avoiding mirrors. I have read nearly... READ MORE

Is there anything besides a filler that can treat hollows under the eyes?

I am 66 years old and have good skin. People think I am in my 40's. I do have hollowing under my eyes. Also, when I smile my cheeks raise up a lot. I... READ MORE

Follow up to my previous question: What Are The Best Treatment Options For My Under Eye Hollowing? (photos)

I've been to two doctors so far, the first one said I didn't need anything and wouldn't do anything, the second doctor, although he agreed that I did... READ MORE

Unhappy with Beletero under eyes (photos)

Last year had a SMAS lift along with fat injected under eyes but fat didn't take so I wanted to fill some hollowness. Had Beletero injected. Was done... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait until I get the rest of Belotero injection filler done?

Injections in my tear trough area for undereye hollows on March 27th, 2015 and I had only 1/2 syringe for both eyes. I can't tell much of a difference... READ MORE

Would the belotero balance work for black skin?

I also have side eye-top of cheek bone hollows and would like to know. I would like to know if the belotero balance you mention would work well on... READ MORE

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