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What Are These Huge Bags Under my Eyes After Belotero Injection 10 Days Ago? (photo)

Had Belotero injected in my tear troughs ten days ago and I look horrible! I have HUGE bags under my eyes that I didn't have before. I'm hiding my... READ MORE

Lumpy Bags Under the Eyes After Belotero? (photo)

A week after doing belotero under the eyesbii still have uneveness and lumps (it looks like uneven undereye bags) my dr insists that i am still... READ MORE

Can Fluid Pocket Under the Eye from Boletero Injection into the Cheek Be Corrected?

I had Boletero 8 weeks ago ½ syringe on both cheek so not much , but now have a massive bag under the corner on my left eye , it looks AWFULL the ... READ MORE

I had Belotero injections one week ago under both eyes, but the right under eye has significant swelling. Is this normal?

I did have a small bag under the rt eye, but now it looks like a large bag(swelling) Is there anything to correct this result or do I have to wait 6... READ MORE

Bags under eyes from belotero? (photo)

I had belotero under my eyes 9 days ago, and look like I have bags and lumps now. I went to an experienced, expert injector. How long does this take... READ MORE

Are under eye bags likely to go away soon or should filler be dissolved? Was doctor wrong to inject superficially? (photo)

I had Belotero superficially injected under my eyes four days ago. I left the office with a "pillow" under one eye and a bag under the other. I had... READ MORE

How to dissolve Belotero?

Blue puffy bags after Belotero in tear trough + older Juviderm on inner orbit rim. Will Vitrase dissolve both at the same time?? Had bad reaction to... READ MORE

Eye bags much worse after Belotero filler. What are my options? (Photo)

2011 went to a board certified plastic surgeon for restylane in the tear troughs. It looked great for a week ..then my right eye started to get a... READ MORE

What can be done at this point to get me back to at least my old self? Very unhappy (Photo)

I had boloterro injected almost five weeks ago under my eyes. Significant bruising on my left eye (still present at the five week mark) and right eye... READ MORE

I want to get Belotero filler in my tear troughs. My eyebags bother me and have gotten worse over the last year or so. (Photo)

I have seen two nurses who assessed the area & have reccommended against filler due to the fact that I have eye puffiness, they say it will make the... READ MORE

Eye bag inflammation (edema?) after Belotero filler and blue/dark marks under eyes. Help! (Photo)

I had Bollero filler injected under my eyes by cannula the first week in July. Within a day my eye bags became 4x worse. About the same time I got... READ MORE

Eye bag formed under one eye after Belotero injection, is this normal or an improper injection? (Photo)

Im a 28 yo female and had Beletoro injections under my eyes 11 days ago. My right eye has had a bag ever since, which I never had before. I look so... READ MORE

I had Belotero 2 weeks ago. Do I have bad eye bags? (Photo)

I had boletero 2 weeks ago (1st syringe) to build up cheeks to meet eye bags..do I need more and do they look bad? READ MORE

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