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Is Belotero Harder to Dissolve?

Is Belotero crosslinked in a way that makes it harder to dissolve? I had superficial belotero dissolved yesterday under eyes and it doesn't seem to... READ MORE

Swelling after Belotero lip filler. If it doesn't go down, is dissolving as easy as it sounds?

I had less than one syringe of Belotero (she divided one syringe between tear trough and lips and had a tiny bit left over). I had this done three... READ MORE

Should I Dissolve Remaining Superficial Filler?

I had belotero injected 4 weeks ago and 8 days ago I had it dissolved. I still have some superficial product remaining In Tear trough which is just... READ MORE

Will Massaging Belotero Help It Dissolve Faster/smooths It Out?

I had belotero injected around corner of mouth 2 weeks ago. It looks OK, just a bit puffy. I do not want to inject vitrase, as the results have been... READ MORE

How long will belotero last under eyes?

Been 3 weeks and my eyes still look awful. I look much older then before.. I'm to scared to get it dissolved. READ MORE

Do I need to get more filler or have my Belotero dissolved? Edema? Help! This is 5 days post... - (Photos)

Worried that this large lump is not going to go down. Looks like a "water sack" and believe it is edema. Will this go away on it's own? I'm reading... READ MORE

Belotero, better to dissolve or wait?

Under eye area overfilled with Beletero over three weeks ago. The resulting look is horrible and, at this point, I do not trust the physician to try... READ MORE

How long do you wait before having Bolotero dissolved? (photo)

I had Bolotero injected under my eyes because I had hollowness, but the dr. injected too much (2 syringes) and how I look terrible with bags under my... READ MORE

How to dissolve Belotero?

Blue puffy bags after Belotero in tear trough + older Juviderm on inner orbit rim. Will Vitrase dissolve both at the same time?? Had bad reaction to... READ MORE

Hyaluronic acid to dissolve filler. My doctor is suggesting Belotero to refill. (Photo)

I got hyadulronic acid to dissolve filler and now my under eyes look hollow. I also have some bruises which look like they are turning yellow. Is that... READ MORE

When do the bags, dark circles and wrinkles go away after I had Belotero injected in eye trough area?

I had my eye trough area injected with Belotero by a San Francisco doctor 4 months ago and it ruined my eyes. I am now left with huge indentations,... READ MORE

My doctor used Belotero filler under my eyes and they look worse than before. Should I use hyaluronic acid to dissolve it?

My doctor said she would use hyaluronic acid to dissolve it . Should I do this to reverse bags and circles ? Will I look even worse ? It has been a month. READ MORE

Belotero injected over Juvederm tear trough. Any suggestions?

12 months ago I had Juvederm injected into both tear troughs. Six weeks later I had the filler in my left tear trough dissolved. A small amount of... READ MORE

What happens to an slight over-fill that you choose not to dissolve?

I had boletero on 2/1 and a month later, I feel a slight over-fill on one eye. I don't want to have it dissolve it as this whole experience has been... READ MORE

Belotero allergy or should be dissolved? (Photo)

Dr#1 intended to dissolve a little bit from under eyes but it deflated the entire area leaving dark crepey skin + some of the juvederm in the cheeks... READ MORE

2 months after Belotero under eyes: is it hyperpigmentation, bruising, or product? (Photos)

My eyes became darker in the corner and puffy along the lower eyelid curve right after injections and have not healed after almost 2 Months. I have to... READ MORE

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