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Belotero for Under Eye Creases, Mild Tear Trough Groove and Upper Cheek Volume?

As Restylane may possibly produce the Tyndall Effect, and Juverderm supposedly "moves" around frequently after injections, and fat transfers may or... READ MORE

I Have Raised Lines Where Belotero Was Placed on my Cheeks for Crows Feet and Smile Lines? (photo)

They look almost like a cat scratched me. I just had the belotero injected today. Will these bumpy lines go away? How long? I also have two bruises.... READ MORE

Can Fluid Pocket Under the Eye from Boletero Injection into the Cheek Be Corrected?

I had Boletero 8 weeks ago ½ syringe on both cheek so not much , but now have a massive bag under the corner on my left eye , it looks AWFULL the ... READ MORE

Belotero Was Injected over 5 Months Ago Onto my Cheeks and I Am Still Swollen Under my Eyes? (photo)

Over months ago i had 1/2 syringe injected of Belotero into my cheeks it was done with a Cannula and i still have, what looks like edema or water... READ MORE

Can Belotero Be Used in Crows Feet Without Migrating to the Lower Eyelids? Also, Can It Be Used in Cheek Hollows?

I had Juvederm under, and around, both eyes for crows feet. It migrated to my lower eyelids causing severe wrinkling and swelling, as well as wrinkles... READ MORE

Will Q-switched YAG Laser Melt Belotero Filler?

Hello, could a Q-switched laser melt Belotero filler placed more superficially in the cheek area? Thanks. READ MORE

There's isn't much on the Internet about Belotero; do you have any information?

'Belotero Volume' is a product on the market similar to 'Juvederm Voluma' and 'Lyft', aimed to increase cheek volume. There's isn't much on the... READ MORE

Here are some pics 3 days post Belotero under eyes and voluma on cheeks. Is this normal? (photos)

I really don't see any difference on my cheeks volume with voluma fillers really concerned about the swelling on right eye and black and blue... READ MORE

Cheek volumising - do you know much about this product?

Hi Doctor's Do any of you know much about this product?  READ MORE

Was this belotero filler done correctly? (Photo)

I had 1 syringe of boletero injected for both eyes and cheek area. I feel that my doctor injected more in my cheeks. Would I benefit with another... READ MORE

Belotero? Is it as good/safe as other HA products to (subtly) volumise cheeks/reduce nasal/labial lines?

Have seen a doctor who suggested using Radiesse to increase cheek volume ( to minimise nasal labial lines). However I feel more comfortable with a HA... READ MORE

Do I need more filler? (Photo)

I had boletero in cheeks and supposedly under eyes on 10/14..would I benefit with more filler? like restalyne with another doctor- I dont trust my... READ MORE

Do tear trough injections augment the skin in the cheek?

Hi Doctors and Dermatologists, I had radiesse a month ago and just recently a vial of Belotero to the tear trough. My question is, do tear trough... READ MORE

Belotero or Juvederm Ultra Plus for filling in cheeks?

I am 21 years old and feel like I have always had a bit of a hollow look in my mid-lower cheeks. I want to get a hyaluronic acid filler in that area,... READ MORE

I had Belotero injected in March 2016 into my cheeks, now I have 'lump' when I smile! Can anyone recommend what to do?

The lump is not hard nor can I feel it, it's more like to much was placed in one spot and it forms a crease/lump when I smile I'm not confident in... READ MORE

Do Voluma and Belotero have crazy side effects such as swelling, black and blue bruising and scarring?

Its my 3rd day since i did voluma 1 syringe on each cheek & belotero under eyes but the swelling and brusing won't go down its black & blue under... READ MORE

Any risk of nerve damage from a dental block or cheek fillers?

I would like to get cheek fillers and lip fillers. My injector doctor wants to do a dental block for Belotero for lips. Should I be concerned about... READ MORE

I'm 1 month post op and have a cat like scratch line after Belotero Basic. Is it normal?

I had Belotero Balance injected into a fine line on my cheek and one month later I still have a cat scratch like line on the site. I have revisited... READ MORE

What do you do when you have no trust in your cosmetic dermatologist?

I had 1 syringe of boletero for what I believed was tear trough..but the doctor instead placed it in my cheeks and some in the tear trough. When I... READ MORE

I just had Belotero injected under both of my eyes. Now I have red creases. Is this normal?

I just had Belotero injected under my eyes to help with bags. Now I have two red creases extending into my cheek is this normal? READ MORE

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