2 Weeks Post-op + Belotero

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Bruise Developed Under my Eye After Belotero and Has Been There for 14 Days? (photo)

I had Belotero injected by my eye and all of the bruising has resolved with the exception of this spot. It has been there 14 days and wanted to know... READ MORE

Crepey, Scaly Skin After Superficial Injection of Belotero 2 Weeks Ago?

I had Belotero injected superficially in the tear troughs two weeks ago. One eye is still bruised and swollen and the other is slightly puffy. I am... READ MORE

Belotero Injected Tear Trough 2 Weeks Ago, Still Puffy and Bruise?

Hello, I hade Belotero injected tear trough two weeks ago. It is still puffy, and bruise. Myself dark circle even get worse. Will this go down on its... READ MORE

Will Massaging Belotero Help It Dissolve Faster/smooths It Out?

I had belotero injected around corner of mouth 2 weeks ago. It looks OK, just a bit puffy. I do not want to inject vitrase, as the results have been... READ MORE

Bruise after under eye and cheek belotero injection isn't resolving. Can it be permanent? (Photo)

I bruised pretty quickly after 1 syringe of belotero injection under eyes and upper cheeks. 2 days later bright red bruise appeared under one eye and... READ MORE

Belotero injections- how long can swelling last? I was very bruised and swollen, but 14 days later it's still lingering. (photo)

I had belotero injected into my tear troughs 14 days ago and i feel like my Right eye is still pretty swollen and almost prohibiting my vision when... READ MORE

Dr. What can I do about wrinkles that are now more prominent under my eyes since having an under eye filler 2 weeks ago? (photo)

Hello Dr. I'm 46 but now I feel I look 86. I had 40 units of botox injected around my eyes for crows feet and a full syringe of Beletero under eye... READ MORE

One syringe of belotero in lips: 2 weeks later, lips as thin as before - Normal?

This is the first time I have ever had this procedure and was going to get more because I am unhappy with the results but was thinking maybe I... READ MORE

Is this acne, bruising and swelling normal?

I had my 1st injection of belotero to the tear troughs 11days ago. The clinic I attend do 2sessions -they put in half the amount needed before... READ MORE

Belotero Puffy and Yellow After 2 Weeks- Chances It Will Subside?

Hello, I had belotero injected into corner of mouth/lower cheek area 16 days ago. It is still a bit puffy and yellowish (did not have bruising). Is... READ MORE

Are these lumps/swelling normal post 1 1/2 weeks after Boletero under eye injections? (photos)

A week and a half ago, I had Boletero injections under my eyes. I had this done 6 months ago and I loved the result. However, I'm not pleased right... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Belotero under eye. Do you think this was just a botch job by the PA or should I stay away from fillers?

I received Belotero under eye filler 2 weeks ago. Immediately one of my eyes got swollen and black. I looked like I had been punched in the eye. I... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase expert in NYC? (Photo)

I am in desperate need of getting Belotero dissolved in my tear troughs. can anyone suggest a highly skilled dr. In NYC with a lot of hyaluronidase... READ MORE

Belotero reaction 12 days after? (photos)

I had Belotero put under my eyes 12 days ago. They looked great until a few days ago, they started looking puffy, then the next day looked red, very... READ MORE

I was injected on March 23 (2 weeks ago) with Belotero under my eyes and now I have ridges. Anything I can do about it?

This was injected two weeks ago will it go away ? doesn't look like it is diminishing. Anything I can do about it?? READ MORE

Is there anything I can do that is safe to improve this? (Photo)

I don't have a before picture, but I had a lot of volume loss. This is day 17 post belotero . If anything, it has gotten worse over the past two days.... READ MORE

Do I look over-filled or bruised on the left under eye? (Photo)

Had filler under eyes last week and bruised immediately. At day 12, it is very yellow. Is this an over-fill or bruised? READ MORE

I had Boletero injected on the lower part of my eyes and now I have bumps. I'm 2 weeks post op. Will they go away?

She put tons of little specs in all over and at the sight of the needle I now have bumps everywhere & its 2 weeks -She keeps saying its going to go... READ MORE

I had Belotero 2 weeks ago. Do I have bad eye bags? (Photo)

I had boletero 2 weeks ago (1st syringe) to build up cheeks to meet eye bags..do I need more and do they look bad? READ MORE

I had Belotero Balance done under both eyes 2 weeks ago, when will the swelling and wrinkles decrease? Is this normal?

I had filling done under both eyes I was injected deep with .75 ml belotero balance, it has been two weeks since than I have is this experience d... READ MORE

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