1 Week Post-op + Belotero

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5 Days Post Belotero - is This Normal? (photo)

Belotero in tear troughs 5 days ago. Significant bruising and swelling. Started to subside but now can seen and feel ridges. Will this go down? READ MORE

Under Eyes Puffy After Belotero?

Hello, I hade Belotero injected rather superficially under the eyes a week ago. It is still puffy. Will this go down on its own or can Belotero have... READ MORE

Severe swelling under 1 eye 4 weeks after belatero and restylane-1/2 vial/each in each cheek. Swelling increasing. What do I do?

4 weeks ago I received injections for the hollows of my cheeks. The Dr. had done my upper bleph 6 mos before w/little improvement so also got botox to... READ MORE

I got Belotero injections under my eyes a week ago and I'm not happy with the results. (photo)

I'm still super puffy and it looks like I have huge bags under my eyes. I read that you can use vitrase to reverse the effects, but some women said... READ MORE

I had Belotero injections one week ago under both eyes, but the right under eye has significant swelling. Is this normal?

I did have a small bag under the rt eye, but now it looks like a large bag(swelling) Is there anything to correct this result or do I have to wait 6... READ MORE

Allergic Reaction to Belotero After CO2 Laser?

June 5, CO2 laser, day 7 normal with peeling. Then, June 12th, had radiesse (had before- no reaction)into cheeks,then Belotero (given to doc by sample... READ MORE

Will my BELOTERO under eye results get better after 1 week? (photo)

This is 1 week after BELOTERO under my eyes and Juvederm in my cheeks. I am still seeing some dark under my eyes and they are very un even I am afraid... READ MORE

Is Boletero in my tear troughs migrated or just swollen? (photos)

5 days ago I received Boletero in my tear troughs. It is my first experience with fillers. So far I have these weird white lumps beneath my tear... READ MORE

Swelling 5 days after Belotero in forehead. No swelling in other injected areas. Dr says wait 7 days but not changing. (photo)

Belotero injected in forehead dent that was caused from cortisone injection. Also had acne scars in chin done since I had some left over. Chin area... READ MORE

Can Belotero disappear in a week in lips? (Photo)

I had 1ml of beletro filler injected in my lips a week ago it cost £320 , the first 2 days were great but now they are back to normal !? Is this ... READ MORE

Belotero injection in smile line. Will this "pouch look" go away or is this the final result? (Photo)

I had Belotero injection in my smile lines 5 days ago and have developed this "pouch look" on the lower line area - will this go away or is this the... READ MORE

Is this bruise healing? (Photo)

I had boletero filler last week and had bruising. Does this look like a healing bruise (yellow) and does it look over-filled? READ MORE

Is this still swelling or just bad Belotero injection? (Photo)

I had them done last Wednesday (so about 9 days ago). I asked her to use a cannula and the dr told me that there is better placement without the... READ MORE

Can right sided facial twitching (next to mouth only) be a side effect of tear trough Belotero injections ?

I had Belotero injections in my tear trough 5 days ago, and the results thus far are astounding! I went to a renowned Beverly Hills oculoplastic... READ MORE

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