1 Month Post-op + Belotero

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Belotero Latent Bruising? (photo)

Belot in trough 5 wks ago & again 3 wks ago to lines from trough - cheek.No bruise w/1st injct but bad bruises to lt and rt cheeks w/2nd.Been 3... READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Belotero- Where Should I Go from Here? (photo)

It has been 5 weeks post Belotero tear trough injections and I have a lump of fluid where I bruised the worst under my right eye, along with a slight... READ MORE

Should I Dissolve Remaining Superficial Filler?

I had belotero injected 4 weeks ago and 8 days ago I had it dissolved. I still have some superficial product remaining In Tear trough which is just... READ MORE

Can you get a reaction from Belotero one month after injection? (photo)

When I had Belotero injected for the fine lines in my lips, I had initial bruising, and was happy with the results. However, one month later, I... READ MORE

How Long Should I Expect Malar Edema After Belotero?

I received Belotero to tear trough area to tx mild hollowness over 4 wks ago. I exp very bad bruising and swelling esp to R eye. I want to also... READ MORE

Belotero under eyes close to 4 weeks ago. Am I experiencing swelling? Bruising? Tyndall Effect? Overfill? Under fill? (Photo)

I had one syringe of Boletero Injected under eye area (hollowness/dark circles). I am now close to 4 weeks post injection, and I am not sure if these... READ MORE

What can be done at this point to get me back to at least my old self? Very unhappy (Photo)

I had boloterro injected almost five weeks ago under my eyes. Significant bruising on my left eye (still present at the five week mark) and right eye... READ MORE

Crying 3 weeks after Belotero treatment. Could the filler have migrated from crying?

I had Belotero injected four weeks ago to the tear trough area with a cannula (1/4 syringe maximum on each tear trough). I also had a small amount of... READ MORE

Going on week 5 of a awful bruise under left eye from Belotero- went from greenish to yellow. Is this permanent? (photo)

My doctor said I am not overfilled, but I do not trust this office as well. Is this yellow permanent? and Does it look awful? I feel like I ruined my... READ MORE

Belotero Absorption-Will the small amount of product used mean that it's absorbed quicker?

I had Belotero injected four weeks ago to the tear trough area (1/4 syringe maximum was used on each tear trough with cannula). Botox was also... READ MORE

I'm 1 month post op and have a cat like scratch line after Belotero Basic. Is it normal?

I had Belotero Balance injected into a fine line on my cheek and one month later I still have a cat scratch like line on the site. I have revisited... READ MORE

I recently received Belotero under my eyes. The bags, lines, and sunken look are as bad as ever. How can I get a smooth look? (p

It's been 5 weeks since the injections. I am 30 years old. I've included pictures right after the injection so you can see the injection placements.... READ MORE

How does this filler treatment look? (Photo)

I had significant bruising under the left eye that after 4 weeks is still yellow. Will that go away? I feel fuller on the bruised side but at this... READ MORE

Lower blepharoplasty right after Belotero injection?

I received a small amount of belotero injected into the under eye area 4 weeks ago. At what point is it safe to get a lower blepharoplasty? READ MORE

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