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Belly Button Surgery to Help After Two Pregnancies and Rejected Piercing?

After two pregnancies and one rejected belly button piercing, i'm left with a very ugly 'frowny' belly button and a large hole above my navel. could... READ MORE

Umbilicoplasty After Umbilical Hernia Repair? (photo)

Had umbilicoplasty more than 2 mos ago. Saw surgeon and he said he could revise it. He said the surgeon who fixed my hernia sealed off my umbilical... READ MORE

Would an Umbilicoplasty Be Appropriate to Repair a Damaged Belly Button from Rejecting a Peircing? (photo)

I am 25 and my belly button rejected peircing at age 16. I am super self conscious about it and would like to know what my options would be to fix... READ MORE

Belly Button Repair? (photo)

I had hernia surgery when I was 15 in 2004. The hernia was fixed but I was not pleased with how my belly button looked its been almost ten years and I... READ MORE

Is there any way to repair my navel? (photos)

When i got my navel piercing 3 years ago, it migrated about half way out over a longer period of time. There is a really deep dent where the top ball... READ MORE

Umbilical Hernia Repair gone bad! Can this be fix? How much will it cost? (photos)

I had an umbilical hernia repair back in 12/05/14, post surgery my belly button looks completly destroyed, Before the surgery i had a little bit of an... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for an umbilicoplasty? (photos)

I'd like my outie belly button to be an innie. I had an umbilical hernia repair last May. I have some stretch marks around my navel (about 1 in... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for umbilicoplasty? (photos)

I had an umbilical hernia repair 12 days ago. The scar looks horrible with lots of loose skin on top of my belly button. It was an open surgery with... READ MORE

Can a belly button be repaired after pregnancy has stretched a piercing? (photos)

After two pregnancies my upper belly button has stretched and is now a wrinkly piece of skin covered in strechmark. Can this be fixed? READ MORE

I have a repaired umbilical hernia. How long does the mesh usually last?

I have a repaired umbilical hernia. Its been fine for over 5 years but now its starting to ache a bit. I gained a little weight and it seems as if it... READ MORE

Can my belly button be repaired from an old naval piercing and stretch marks? (Photos)

Piercing is 20 years old, my second pregnancy left stretch marks above and below. There is also an invention above the naval, not sure how that... READ MORE

Does the location of the belly button change with a tummy tuck?

Does the belly button location get pulled down or up or no difference? Is the belly button attached to anything else inside me? Do you move it to fix... READ MORE

How can I fix my belly button skin? (Photo)

After my 2nd pregnancy my belly button became very stretched. I didn't want to get a tummy tuck as I don't feel too unhappy with the rest of my... READ MORE

Umbilicoplasty for frowning belly button? (photo)

How can I fix my frowning belly button? I've always had a "double bubble" style belly. I've recently had lipo on my belly and other areas and I'm... READ MORE

Need belly button removed because of umbilical hernia repairs - is this necessary?

I have had 2 umbilical hernia repairs done in the past 12 years. My surgeon, the same one who fixed it prior, now says he has to completely remove my... READ MORE

Can bloating damage umbilical hernia surgery 2 1/2 weeks post op?

2 1/2 weeks post op (open repair, small umbilical hernia, no mesh) I drink about 8-9 beers rather quickly at a friends birthday. I was only standing... READ MORE

I need to have my belly button repair after a Tummy Tuck 2005. (photos)

I am located in Folsom CA. area and need a surgeon that can fix this belly button. please help. READ MORE

I am wondering what type of umbilical hernia repair surgery will give better results and leave a less noticeable scar. (photo)

I ended up with a small umbilical hernia after my second pregnancy. I called several plastic surgeons but they won't touch hernias. I saw a highly... READ MORE

Umbilicoplasty (Belly Button Repair). Is it possible for me to have a normal belly button? (Photo)

Is it possible for me to have a "normal" belly button? I had an umbilical hernial repair as a child as I was born with it. My belly button is large,... READ MORE

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