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Outtie to Innie?

I had my hernia repaired many years ago, but I am unhappy with the appearance of my outtie. What is a reasonable estimate for an umbilicoplasty that... READ MORE

Can an Umbilicoplasty Repair my Outie Belly Button? (photo)

I had my second child August of last year and my belly button has become an outie. The first pregnancy I bounced back and it was a shallow innie and... READ MORE

Non-Invasive Way to change my Outie Belly Button?

All my life, I have had an outie belly button and (while it has reduced in size) I still have it. It is so uncomfortable for me! Is there any options... READ MORE

Is my Belly Button a Good Candidate for an Umbilicoplasty? (Outie to Innie)

I've been desperately wanting to have my outie be changed into an innie. not only do i hate how it looks but when touched (accidentally or... READ MORE

Umbilicoplasty for Teens?

I've got an outtie belly button and wanna make it an innie, im just 14, how much would it cost READ MORE

Umbilicoplasty for an Outtie?

I've always had an outtie belly button since I was little. I've had it checked by a doctor and it is not a hernia. Now that I'm in my 20's I'm self... READ MORE

How Can my Outie Be Changed into an Innie? (photo)

Is it possible? what would the procedure be like? how much would it cost? can a natural looking outcome be acheived? READ MORE

Belly Button Surgery ? Is It Possible ? (Photos)

When i was little i had an outer belly mum (because she was smart like that) decided to go to the doctor so i can get an operation ( onmy... READ MORE

Outie belly button (photo)

I just want to know if I have hernia or something becaue my belt button is sensitive to touch and feels like period oain when I touch it and it hurts... READ MORE

Umbilicoplasty for extremely outie belly button?

I've had this strangely shaped bellybutton since birth, I believe it was due to an umbilical hernia. It was much worse as a child, it's flattened out... READ MORE

Bellybutton Surgery? (photo)

Hi,I have an outtie bellybutton and would like to know if it's possible to make it an innie without a tummy tuck and is it possible to sculpt the... READ MORE

Candidate for Umbilicoplasty? (photo)

I'm 24 and have an outie belly button (hernia at birth) that is also stretched from pregnancy and has scars on top and bottom from piercings. would an... READ MORE

Umbiliboplasty Candidacy for Outie? Costs and Expectations (Had Umbilical Hernia Surgery 10 Years Ago) (Photo)

I've had an outie belly button since birth. I truly, truly despise it (since I was 5) and it affects my social and love life. I was born with a... READ MORE

I have a question about my belly button - How to get rid of lump at the top after pregnancy? (photo)

I had an innie before getting pregnant and like most people it popped out. But my son is almost two and even tho I've lost all my baby weight and I... READ MORE

What should I do about my protruding belly button? (photos)

My belly button has been very large ever since i was little , probably because the nurse didn't cut my umbilical chord properly or something, I want... READ MORE

Can anything be done to fix my outie belly button? (photos)

I'm 18 years old, about 5'5 and 120lbs. I went to see a plastic surgeon when I was 16 and he seemed very hesitant about doing anything to fix my... READ MORE

Can I Get a Umbilicalplasty? (photo)

I hate my belly button to death I will do anything to get a normal inny belly button I was wondering if I can get a umbilicalplasty and will it cause... READ MORE

I have a large outie bellybutton and a very thin frame. Is it possible for me to get an innie?

I had a consult on Saturday and the surgeon told me that he could remove the outie but didn't think that he would be able to create an innie due to my... READ MORE

I am 15. Should I get my outie bellybutton fixed? (Photo)

It has always limited me to what I can do and I have been self conscious about it for years. Can I have any suggestions of what to do? READ MORE

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