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Umbilicoplasty for Teens?

I've got an outtie belly button and wanna make it an innie, im just 14, how much would it cost READ MORE

Can I cure or reverse an Umbilical Hernia w/ a particular exercise set.I'm a student and I don't have enough for surgery. (photo

I've had umbilical hernia since I was born, my parents were told to leave it alone and that it would heal when I grow apparently it didn't go away... READ MORE

Umbiliboplasty Candidacy for Outie? Costs and Expectations (Had Umbilical Hernia Surgery 10 Years Ago) (Photo)

I've had an outie belly button since birth. I truly, truly despise it (since I was 5) and it affects my social and love life. I was born with a... READ MORE

Is an umbilicoplasty right for me? (Photo)

I'm a 15 year old girl, who is very very self conscious about her belly button. I feel as if it makes my stomach look way bigger than it actually is.... READ MORE

I am 15. Should I get my outie bellybutton fixed? (Photo)

It has always limited me to what I can do and I have been self conscious about it for years. Can I have any suggestions of what to do? READ MORE

Is umbilicoplasty on a flat stomach with a swirl belly button possible?

Hi! I am 15 year old girl with a bellybutton that is a swirl with a ridge on the bottom. I am also thin and barely have any stomach fat (I am not... READ MORE

Is belly button revision possible for my 14 year old daughter? (Photo)

My daughter was born with Gastroschisis and has had 3 surgeries to repair the birth defect. She is now 14 years old and longs to have a more normal... READ MORE

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