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Can the Marble Trick Improve the Depth of a Belly Button?

After several BB revisions following a FTT my PS finally acheived some depth to my belly button! She opened my lower incision and re-plicated the... READ MORE

Should I Continue Cortisone Shots Or Get a Belly Button Revision

I just wanted to submit a picture of what my belly button actually looks like. I am 10 mos. TT Post op. PS started cortisone shots and says I have to... READ MORE

Umbilicoplasty Revision After Full Tummy Tuck, Thin Patient

I am 5'7, 130 lbs, athletic, with a lot of abdominal muscle tone.I had a full TT done in November 2010.My belly button didn't have any depth after my... READ MORE

Umbilical Abscess from Ethibond Sutures?

I am about 9 years post umbilical hernia repair. I have had many surgeries in my abdomen over the years ranging from Laporscopic surgery for... READ MORE

Unhappy with Umbilicoplasty Results, Can This Be Fixed? (photo)

I had umbilical hernia repair 3 months ago. It left my belly button looking rather odd. I decided to have an umbilicoplasty because I am about to... READ MORE

Belly Button Necrosis? (photo)

Hello, I am concerned about the appearance of my belly button. There are some sections around the incision that are dark and scabby looking, and... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for an Umbilicoplasty Revision? (photo)

Hello, I am a 28 year old female that had a total hysterectomy done in August 2012 due to chronic pain, endometriosis, and numerous ectopic... READ MORE

Umbilical hernia repair 2 week post op, where is it? Is this suppose to heal like this? (Photo)

How will my belly button form after the repair I had? I'm having a hard time seeing where a belly button could have been formed/made? READ MORE

What Are the Potential Complications After an Umbilicoplasty Procedure?

Will the belly button be prone to tearing even after the mini-tummy tuck surgery has been completely healed some years after the procedure already? READ MORE

Should I Avoid Activity to Allow an Open Belly Button to Heal After Umbilicoplasty Stitches Dehisced?

Years ago I had a tummy tuck. My belly button stalk was lost. The surgeon wouldn't repair it. I recently had an Umbilicoplasty. It turned out well,... READ MORE

What Can Be Done with a Very Large and off Center Belly Button After Tummy Tuck and 2 Revisions?

I'm very disappointed in the appearance and location of my belly button. Dr. tried to revise my belly button twice 8 weeks post-op. The first time... READ MORE

Why is my belly button still so deformed after umbilical hernia surgery? Is there something I can do? (photos)

I had a very large hernia above my belly button after my pregnancy. I carried a big baby, and my stomach will never be the same. The hernia has now... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a lot of skin puckering 7 weeks post Umbilicaplasty? (photo)

I have a lot of skin puckering. Is this normal? Will it eventually look normal? Is there anything I can use to help the healing process and therefore... READ MORE

Is there any chance my belly button can look natural after my umbilicoplasty heals? (photo)

In April I had a full tummy tuck done to get rid of access skin and fix my diastasis I got during my pregnancy, carrying my first 10lb daughter. On... READ MORE

Is this how an umbilicoplasty is supposed to look after surgery? (photos)

I am 5'4, 105 lbs... I had a belly button revision (umbilicoplasty) 3 days ago. Yesterday (2 days post op), I was told to remove the bandage, I am... READ MORE

Disfigured After Belly Button Surgery: What are my Options?

L had an operation to reduce a bulging belly button almost tennis ball size, lm now disfigured, as you can see from the photo it hurts and muscles... READ MORE

I had an incisional umbilical hernia repair 5 weeks ago. Will the healing ridge go down? (Photo)

My healing ridge has blocked my belly button completely and it looks like a wall of flesh. Will this swelling go down? I am attaching a few pictures... READ MORE

Photo of my new belly button, should it look like this? (Photo)

Should I be worried! Doesn't look like its healing. READ MORE

My umbilical hernia after surgery is leaking pus and blood from infection. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 9 days from had surgery and infection has been here five of them only started antibotics 3 days ago and was in hospital to get drained i am only... READ MORE

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