Ethnic skin care: Get a specialist


Certain lasers are extremely effective for certain conditions in dark skin, such as unwanted hair or acne scars. As a Harvard trained dermatologic laser surgeon, my area of interest and research for the past 10 years has been lasers in ethnic skin. I work closely with laser companies to develop safe parameters for patients with ethnic skin.

  • Patients need to understand that not every treatment is for everybody. It is important to understand what the treatment entails and what results can be expected.
  • I never treat anyone without a face to face consultation, so I can learn about them as a patient, their health history, examine their issues of concern and recommend an appropriate treatment plan for their problem. This consultation also allows the patient to learn about their treatment options.
  • It is important to go to a physician who is experienced with ethnic skin in a medical setting. I have seen too many patients treated in day spas with medical equipment with disastrous results.
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Durham Dermatologist