Wide + Asian Rhinoplasty

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What Would You Recommend for an Asian Bulbous Tip and Wide Alars? What can I do to fix the tip? (photo)

I have a wide and bulbous nose and I'm thinking about an alarplasy but i also want to know if i can do anything to fix the tip READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty? Duration of Silicone or Gortex as Opposed to Cartilage? (photo)

I'm a 45 year old Asian female with a typical flat nose. I've noticed in recent years that the tip of my nose has gotten rounder and my nostrils has... READ MORE

Small Dorsal Hump Removal for Wide Asian Nose

I'm interested in removing my dorsal hump. I am Asian, so my nose is wider than the average Caucasian nose. I don't want any other parts of my... READ MORE

I'm Filipino - Can I achieve a nose like this with Asian Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I'm Filipino. My nose is flat and wide, and is bulbous. Can I achieve a nose like this girl in the pictures with asian rhinoplasty using only ear... READ MORE

Should I Narrow the Width of my Nose if I Am Asian? Would It Look Unnatural?

I have an weird nose for an Asian. I wanted to shave down the dorsal bump, but during the consultation the surgeon also suggested narrowing the width... READ MORE

What Could Be Done to Improve my Nose? (photo)

I've always been dissatisfied with how my nose looks, even when I was very young. It's too wide and flat at the bottom and too flat at the bridge. I... READ MORE

Natural Asian Rhinoplasty; Base Reduction or Nasal Tip Augmentation? (photo)

I have been looking at the variety of rhinoplasty procedures performed for asian noses. Looking at my own nose, I have always felt that my alae are... READ MORE

My Nose is Too Wide and Big?

My nose also extends too much when i smile. This leads me to the embarracement when i face people.. I want to know that rhinoplasty can give me the... READ MORE

Wide Nose with Saggy Nostrils. What Should Be Done? (photo)

Before I go to a face to face consultation I'd like to get feedback from more than one doctor on what should be done to my nose. I have to look at... READ MORE

What Would You Recommend For My Asian Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Dear Doctor Greetings I have been thinking of rhinoplasty for some time. I have a typical asian nose. Wide nostrils, thick skin, bulbous nose, but... READ MORE

Wide, Low, Depressed Nasal Frontal Angle. What Do You Suggest? (photo)

I am an Asian and my nose is wide,low/flat and has slightly depressed bone on one side. Can my nose be reformed as "expected" pic, which is... READ MORE

What do you recommend for a typical wide, flat, Asian nose? (Photo)

I'm an Asian female and I hate my nose! I want a narrower, more prominent (but still natural looking) nose. P.S. If someone who has had a full... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Rhinoplasty Procedure(s) for Me? (photo)

I'm in my 20s, and I've always disliked my nose for being too wide. I'm considering an alar base reduction, but what else? I'm not sure if I want to... READ MORE

How Do I Fix a Wide Nose That is Tall? (photo)

I am asian but I do not have a flat nose, my nose is not exactly super tall but just faller at the corners of my eyes.. my only concern is that my... READ MORE

Whats the Cost if You Just Want to Reduce the Width of Your Nose?

Whats the procedure called? Weir incision? And where can it be done it melbourne. Im thinkingnof doing it overseas. Thanks READ MORE

Asian Rhino Post-Op Width of Nose?

Hi, I am 19days Post-Op Asian Rhinoplasty. The height of my bridge swelling has gone down significantly, and the skin of my nose is not that puffy... READ MORE

Recommendation for asian bulbous tip and wide alars? (Photo)

My nose tip is very large and my alars are too wide. Is there any way that can help reduce the bulbosity of my nose and make it look narrow and... READ MORE

What kind of ethnic rhinoplasty can be done to narrow and improve the shape of my nose?

I have a wide shaped Asian nose that has quite a bulbous tip. I was thinking that my nose would require open rhinoplasty that focuses raising or... READ MORE

What modifications do you suggest for my nose to achieve a more "western" look? (photo)

I am currently looking for a doctor in the US that specializes in asian rhinoplasty. I have the traditional broad and flat vietnamese nose. the tip... READ MORE

I have wide tip, bulbous nose. I feel my nose is too wide for my face. Should I have an alar base reduction? (photos)

I feel my nose is shapeless but want a natural result and not a harsh "pinched" look. Should I have an alar base reduction, or will cartilage trimming... READ MORE

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