Tip + Asian Rhinoplasty

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I Have a Flat Looking Asian Nose Bridge and Tip! Am I a Good Candidate for Non Surgical Augmentation Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I hate the appearance of my side profile because of my low nose bridge and tip! Is there a way for me to heighten with injectable fillers? I am... READ MORE

10 Days Post Op Rhinoplasty: Is my Tip Going to Become More Refined? (photo)

It doesn't seem like my doctor did anything about the tip of my nose because it looks the same as it did before.. He says it's just swollen. What do... READ MORE

I have an Asian bulbous nose. Which procedures would be best for rising the bridge and giving the tip more definition? (Photo)

I have an asian bulbous nose that I would like slim down with rhinoplasty. I would also like the bridge raised and the tip defined. Any... READ MORE

Rib cartilage graft absorbtion? Why is this? (photos)

I had asian rhinoplasty using rib cartilage graft + fascia to lengthen & augment the bridge & tip of nose. I was really happy around the 6th month... READ MORE

Can I get Rhinoplasty with slightly more tip projection, and not have it change my physical appearance? (photos)

Im interested in a rhinoplasty, for a SLIGHTLY more tip projection. My nose is slightly flat from certain angles. Ide like to keep my nose shape the... READ MORE

Will Rhinoplasty stretch your skin, in particular, the area of your eyes?

I am thinking to have an Asian rhinoplasty like nasal tip and nasal dorsum augmentation but I am wondering would it stretch my skin too much... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty for tip refinement. (photos)

I'm an Asian descent. I have a bulbous nose tip with thick skin. I want to reduce the size of it and refine it. I'm not looking for a very dramatic... READ MORE

Questions regarding Asian Rhinoplasty, defined tip, narrow bridge, photos included. Please give thoughts and answers. (photo)

Is there's a way to thin out thick nostrils and shave the sides of of the bridge so that it becomes more narrow but instead of the straight unnatural... READ MORE

Dent beside tip following rhinoplasty - can this be fixed? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty a few years ago. I am Asian so my original nose was very wide. My surgeon refined the tip by removing fatty tissue from the tip and... READ MORE

Crooked Asian nose? (Photos)

Hello. I'm an Asian male, and I've been wanting rhinoplasty for a long time now. What can be done about my type of nose? It has a bump that sticks out... READ MORE

I had a nose job around 25 yrs ago.. Is it advisable for me to remove my silicon now?

I'll have my rhinoplasty using silicone for 30 years , and I've found out the skin in my tips becomes thinner , and everyone can notice that I've done... READ MORE

Can diced cartilage fascia be removed without my damaging or breaking my nasal bone?

I'm 8 months post op Asian rhinoplasty. My nose was heightened with diced cartilage wrapped in fascia. My face doesn't look good with a tall nose. I... READ MORE

Silicone implant For Asian Rhinoplasty. My tip is uncomfortable & red. What is the cause?

I had the Asian Rhinoplasty 20 years ago. I have a L shape silicone implant on my nose bridge. Recently I felt very uncomfortable and it is getting... READ MORE

Would an Asian rhinoplasty be worth it for me? (Photos)

I like my nose but wish that it would have a narrower bridge, more definition in the tip, and maybe a more elevated bridge; my main concern is how... READ MORE

Asian rhinoplasty

I want to get a rhinoplasty I am Asian so would need a implant to raise bridge of nose and also want tip of nose done as well. Should I go to a Asian... READ MORE

Is it necessary to massage nose after rhinoplasty? 1 month post op

I did 2nd asian nose revision self rib, alloderm and ear cartilage for tip + alloderm for bridge. Dr told to press down with 2 fingers and release,... READ MORE

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